Badly Parked Bentley Smashed Up in St Petersburg


Bentley owner punished for bad parking

In Russia’s cultural capital, someone has decided to fight for road users to respect parking regulations in a radical way. As report, persons unknown smashed up the badly parked Bentley Continental, which according to journalists belongs to an employee of the Rosneft oil company.

Eyewitnesses saw the car with the broken radiator grill in a car park near the Primorskiy Victory Park in the evening on the 4th of August. According to the witnesses, the unknown people left a note to the owner of the car: “Learn to park!”

Comments from


Haha, brave.


Tough, but this is civil resistance.

Aryan_Zebra: (responding to above)

This is anal jealousy and the desire to commit hooliganism.


Criminal damage of another’s property


These idiots have added expenditure for this Rosneft employee. Guess whose shoulders the clever Rosneft employees will shift their increased costs as a result of this vandalism? Should have thought more carefully…


Quite right… but if the dashcam was turned on, I feel sorry for the guy who smashed the car up.

Irina Orlova:

How else can you teach these hooligans?

Aryan_Zebra: (responding to above)

Well, for example, you could tell them to their face…

hairspray: (also responding to previous commenter)

Call out a traffic policeman or a tow truck.

алексей-6522: (responding to above)

But there’s no need for either in this situation.


Is there nothing sacred for these people )

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