Chechnya Safer Than the UK According to Kadyrov


Kadyrov calls on Britons to come to a safe Chechnya

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has said on his Twitter “with full responsibility” that Chechnya is safer than England. “Welcome!”, the politician said to Britons.

Kadyrov‘s tweet was a reaction to a statement by the British Foreign Office. On the 3rd May, the organisation recommended subjects of the kingdom not to travel to Chechnya, Ingushetia, or Dagestan, and also the Budennovskiy, Levokumskiy, Stepnovskiy, and Kurskiy regions of the Stavropol Krai. Brits are allowed to travel to North Ossetia, Karachay-Cherkessia, and Kabardino-Balkaria but only if it is strictly necessary.

[Note: although the wording of the article implies that these are restrictions, they are in fact advisory warnings, and are not bans on visiting these areas]

The Foreign Office explained its strong recommendations were due to high terrorist dangers in those regions. At the same time, the agency said that in the next few days, Moscow and St. Petersburg may see mass political demonstrations and warned of the risk of street crime.

At the beginning of April, the Russian general prosecutor launched a website with crime statistics by region. From these data, in particular, it seems that Chechnya is third from the bottom in terms of regional ratings for murders per 100,000 citizens. Only Moscow and the Stavropol Krai are safer than Kadyrov‘s homeland.

Comments from

Сергей Ирхужин:

Well, by this logic, North Korea is safer too. Just like in all other totalitarian regimes.

Serj Sh: (responding to above)

So, life is safer in totalitarian states?

Григорий Кривицкий: (responding to above)

It’s one of the pluses of totalitarian states.

Родриго: (responding to above)

“One of” suggests that there are others?

Фома Петренко:

Of course it’s safe to live in Chechnya, all the Chechens came to Moscow long ago.


It’s really safe there if you drive around in a 100-car motorcade.

Вячеслав Сосницкий:

If you ask me, better not to go anywhere in the Caucasus unless you have to. PS I really can’t imagine how an Englishman would get there.

Сергей Вотапорук:

For some reason, I can’t really believe this Hero of Russia who killed his first Russian at 16 …

Yan Petrov:

Ramzan trolling the Brits

A A:

God, what a clown …

Марсель Странник:

I propose that Kadyrov wanders round Grozny on foot without security, or better, let him go campaigning around Chechnya. If he stays alive (impossible fantasy) then I’ll believe that it’s safe there )))

Kolya Ishakov:


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