Civil Servants’ Salaries to More Than Double in Five Years

From Echo Moskvy

Over the course of the next five years, salaries for Russian civil servants will increase by more than two and half times

The associated costs have been included in budget calculations prepared by the Ministry of Finance.

The annual increase in salaries for federal civil servants is expected to cost 45 billion roubles from the budget, Vedomosti reported, quoting official government documents and Finance Ministry explanations. Special attention is drawn to the fact that now (with the average salary of employees of central offices of federal departments at around 72,000 roubles), the cost of salaries accounts for less than a fifth of this sum. The rest is bonuses. The First Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko suggests that the extra money will go towards an increase in the bonus pool: according to her calculations, it will help to reduce the number of civil servants at a federal level, because managers will encourage effective working, and fire the rest. However, the Ministry of Labour disagrees: the office insists on increasing the base portion, as this will not only increase guaranteed income, but pension rights as well. The final decision on the basic and bonus income has not yet been made.

The Finance Ministry draw attention to the fact that this will not affect employees of the president’s administration and government bodies – their salaries increased last year. Kremlin officials now receive 166,000 roubles on average, while those in the White House receive 163,000.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


Isn’t this how much they planned on devaluating the rouble by?!?


Completely insolent.


Russian salaries grow every year. Thanks inflation!


As I’ve already said! – ANIMALS!!!


But civil servants’ pay only increased by 6% last year (I’ve not heard anything about increases this year). Poor people.


But corruption will grow by ten times.


Russia is a bomb that Putin is arming with the skilful hand of a saboteur.


What for? Have they started to work better? Have they stopped stealing, being rude, taking bribes, and cynically spitting in the faces of those they are supposed to serve?


When will this scum have had their fill?


The problem isn’t that they earn a lot, it’s that their work is for the most part pointless, and in places, harmful.


So what’s the point of staying a law-abiding hard-working person after all this?

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