Company Fined for Advert that “Offends Family Values”


Urals dentist fined for offending family values

The company in Chelyabinsk that decided to take out an original advert for their dental services were fined by the Federal anti-monopoly agency.

The advert showed a scene after birth, when a doctor is holding a black boy, and a woman’s white feet can be seen nearby, but the European looking father is cracking an embarrassed smile.

The slogan on the advert reads “Smile, even in the most difficult situations!”

The Federal anti-monopoly agency considered that the advert was offensive to family values. In particular, they say in a statement that “in a normal Russian family, the child has the same colour skin as its parents, that’s the accepted norm, but a dark skinned child being born of white skinned parents points to infidelity on the part of the moth. This type of situation would not make the father happy, but tension, which is evident in his drawn-out, unnatural smile.”

As a result the dentists from Veladent who wanted to show off their sharp wits will have to pay a fine of 100,000 roubles [£1950, 2,500€], according to

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It’s a long time since idiocy has surprised us…
What’s even more idiotic is that the photo’s been taken from a foreign photo-bank. The black had to be there for tolerance’s sake.

per_duck: (responding to above)

The black’s in his hands. But what about the Asian?

Юный слесарь: (responding to above)

You can’t see the Asian, he’s cleaning the floor.

paukrus: (also responding to previous commenter)

Aren’t the legs Asian?


Judging by the size of the lad, he was born six months ago, and they’ve been feeding him up hard for the whole half year

bagimot: (responding to above)

Yeah, he’s been walking for a while already :)


Stoner advert


I liked the advert, it’s funny. It’s political correctness gone mad.


I would have said that “Urals marketologists fined for using black humour” :)

Савва Морозов: (responding to above)

The best


I think it’s not a smile on the daddy’s face, it’s a grin after hysterics.


For these 100,000 roubles, they’re being advertised on the internet. They’re being advertised on Ridus already. It’s a good advert, it works.

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