Defence Ministry Order Emergency Evacuation Armoured Vehicle


Shoigu and his generals to receive a super-armoured tank for emergency evacuations

The old Ladoga armoured vehicle

The Defence Ministry has ordered a special tank to evacuate the defence minister and his deputies from dangerous areas, including those hit by nuclear and chemical weapons. The highly-armoured mode of transport (which is exactly how it is referred to in documents) is capable of withstanding an attack from a grenade launcher, for example, writes Izvestiya.

The Defence Ministry have told the publication that the new vehicle will be equipped with communication links that will guarantee the steady exchange of information between the country’s leaders and strategic forces.

Inside the vehicle, there will be a wash basin, toilet, and a place to relax. And it will be possible to observe the outside world through video cameras giving a 360 degree view.

The defence industry say that the vehicle for the generals is designed to replace the special Soviet “Ladoga” tanks, which have already become obsolete.

The approximate date of the project’s completion is not being reported. We only know that in May of this year, the Main Armoured Vehicle Office prepared the tactical and technical requirements for the development of a new car.

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They need to test it in Moscow’s traffic jams


It’s a bit short-sighted. It’d be worth ordering a spaceship to “evacuate” them to Mars now.


“Inside the vehicle, there will be a wash basin, toilet, and a place to relax.” Will there be a sauna to relax with girls?

LIX ©:

The wash basin, toilet and the place to relax will be in the Baroque style. The main tank operator’s rule is being broken – the main thing is not to sh*t in the tank.

Гурбангулы Бердымухамедов:

Who are they getting ready to run from? That’s what’s interesting

Malcador Sigillite:

They should have a look at Warhammer 40,000’s Baneblade. That’s what they need!


Shoigu’s got a helicopter and a tank. Shall we order him a submarine?


After the submarine, it’ll be a personal aircraft carrier for his helicopter.


We have the Highly Armoured Transport “Ladoga” now, but it’s not a tank. And I imagine that the new vehicle will be a modernised Ladoga, not a tank. These victims of the EGE are writing about things they don’t understand. [Note: the EGEs are the nationwide exams that students sit at the end of their compulsory education (around 16)]


He’s going to need it. And very soon.

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