Dmitry Medvedev Most Famous Blogger in Russia


Russians Consider Dmitry Medvedev the Most Well-Known Blogger in the Country

A survey by VTSIOM shows: Russians have heard a lot about bloggers, but don’t especially know who they are. That’s exactly what can be said about the results of a study led by the organization in the beginning of the month in 42 of the country’s [Federal] subjects.

The Interfax news agency reports on the researchers’ statistics. The majority of Russians have heard the word “blogger” (70%), however almost a third don’t know its meaning (29%). In turn, only 33% of those surveyed were able to name famous people active online in blogs: 20% of respondents mentioned Dmitry Medvedev‘s pages, another 8% Vladimir Putin‘s, “likely referring to the head of state’s official page on social networks”.

Also named among other well-known bloggers were Ksenia Sobchak (2%), Alexei Navalny (2%), Mikhail Prokhorov (2%), and the leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky (2%).

Russians believe that blogs are led with the goal of sharing thoughts and information with peers (43%), getting attention (35%), and for conversing with other people (27%). Among other reasons prompting users be active online are fashion (18%), the expression of creative ability, to pass time (17%), and to earn money (14%).

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Two babushkas are on the doorstep – They say that Little Teddy has a block on the infer-net. [Note: Little Bear is Medvedev, whose name is related to the Russian word for bear]

Yapoet: (responding to above)

So what, Medvedev is one of the first bureaucrats who began utilizing social networks.

Svetly Elf: (responding to above)

Time goes on, times change. We need to go with the times and use new technologies.

Niko Griby Belik: (responding to above)

Yeah, maybe. Only it’s worth remembering that going online as a normal guy, he loses all of his attributes of power. For online there are no presidents or prime ministers, there are just users with equal rights. In terms of going online under the flag of government and for other governmental reasons, that should be written into the law. For in public rights relations with any official, even the very coolest one, “everything is forbidden that is not allowed by law”. This is the axiom of a lawful state, which Russia proclaimed herself by accepting the Constitution of 1993. However, as far as we know, there are no laws about blogging for the officials of the Russian state. Yeah who cares, who needs them? At work, let the bureaucrats work, let them fulfill their official instructions and not surf teh internets. That is, in situations where officials blog, the lines between voluntarism and legal nihilism are kind of thinly veiled. – Aliens

Yuny slesar: (responding to above)

Hello, my friend! What do you use your blog for?

Niko Griby Belik: (responding to above)

Brother, You probably wanted to ask Us about Our comments here? A good question. Here’s our answer. We came to Earth to establish good relations with intelligent beings. Here’s our report. You, and also about ten normal, simple, and good people are the only ones which don’t offend Us here. The rest behave so uncultured, aggressively, and, in some instances, even smartassedly. But We’re not used to giving up! – Aliens


Did you hear that Putin’s government put a database of all citizens of the CIS and Russia online: telephones, addresses, photos and videos, personal correspondence, and a lot else. Yeah, actually all of the given are in open access, but you can hide your search if you don’t want others to see it. Here’s a link to that site: [Note: the link may not be genuine. Remove the text “REMOVETHISTEXT” to access the site at your own risk]


Is he really interesting to anyone else?


Well through the idiot box they said that Medvedev has a blogg… That’s where his imaginary fame as a blogger comes from.


Why do Russians have such rubbish in their heads?

Dmitry-2069: (responding to above)

It’s not Russians who have rubbish in their heads – it’s nothing more than government propaganda. So that you feel deeply that Medvedev is the most well-known blogger. Well something like “I’m one of you”.. I’m behind you ..Get used to it, I’m so progressive, I’m for the internet.. In another 10 years I’ll pillage Russia and be completely one of you, when the oil and gas run out, I’ll sit in my plane and go back home To America, Europe, wherever else I have a villa, a factory, a bank account, and maybe a private island.

2013: (responding to above)

Putin‘s government. Find and replace: Medvedev‘s government.

Cvarshchik: (responding to above)

it’s not rubbish, it’s a cocktail, but from where i dunno((


Who needs him at all, really just for the lulz


yeah… Russians have yet again proved their gregarious stupidity.

Niko Griby Belik:

The misanthropic point of view of the Aliens from Alpha Centaurai disenchanted with parts of humanity is: 1. Russians have demonstrated a huge wealth of information in areas that a normal person does not necessarily have to know about. 2. Bloggers are, as a matter of fact, infobacteria and infomicrobes meaninglessly reworking the informational trash and all sorts of deposits from various informational wells and toilets. 3. It’s enough for a normal personal to know that there are such wells and toilets and how they’re used. But the individual percentage make-up of strains of certain microorganisms in one place or another, a normal person need not know. – Aliens


They just named famous people from the media, this all has nothing to do with real bloggers.



Aleksandr Bekhtold:

Someone smart said that if for a month, they show a naked arsehole on the idiot box at primetime as a candidate for president of the country, then the people will vote for this arsehole. The idiot box has for many years been showing the PM as a blogger and the president as a wise leader at prime time. So what’s so shocking?


Well-known doesn’t mean interesting. What’s interesting in Medvedev‘s blog? Do any discussions of problems take place there?


Being a blogger is the most the PM is capable of???

Shaltay-Boltay: (responding to above)

Enough with him and this. Old age will come – he’ll at least be able to experience pride in something…

Vash dobry anesteziolog:

It’s a lie, almost no one reads his blog. They do for Navalny, both an interesting blog and thousands of subscribers.


Russians from VTSIOM?

Granper Zhorzh:

He considers himself the prime minister. Poooooor guy..)


Did they ask babushkas in the doorway?


The electric boy “Electronic”, not the PM, but some kind of “Energizer”.


One’s a blogger, the second’s a diver, a cranologist, a pilot, a fireman, and further buffoonery. Our comrades in general have a lot of free time.


Does he have time to work as PM?

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