Gay Man Killed in Volgograd by Homophobic Gang


In Volgograd, a group of people behaving like animals have killed a gay man

In the morning of the 10th of May, the body of a man was found in the Krasnoarmeyskiy region of Volgograd, mutilated beyond recognition. The criminals beat the head of the man, cut off his genitals, and raped him with beer bottles.

One of the local citizens arrested in the chase admitted his part in the attack and told the police that the reason for the violence was the non-traditional sexual orientation and provocative behaviour on the part of the victim, who allegedly insulted the patriotic feelings of his murderers.

It was also established that this group had committed attacks on gays in the past, the UNews portal reports.

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The authorities will say that the murderers were not in fact murderers, but defenders of traditional values, and they don’t need to be sent to jail, but given medals.

Юный слесарь: (responding to above)

The authorities won’t say anything.

Изя Кацман, мусорщик:

If they raped him, that means that they were GAYS too, active ones at that. Therefore, the news should say “A few aggressive queers killed their friend”.

Nikolai-9906: (responding to above)

They raped him with beer bottles

Изя Кацман, мусорщик: (responding to above)

What, that changes things, makes them honourable? They’re not just p*ffters, they’re perverted sado-motherfuckers, spouting some crap about patriotism, arseholes


They’re stirring things up … the whole of society is trying to divide itself up, smokers – non-smokers, believers – non-believers, gays – non-gays …

Изя Кацман, мусорщик: (responding to above)

Divide and conquer, eh? While the people are scandalised and fighting each other, they won’t ask the tsar “where’s our money, brother?”


When these villains realised that homophobia enjoys de facto government support and doesn’t really meet any serious resistance in society, they started killing …


Medieval behaviour … P.S., gays are disgusting, but killing them and mutilating them like animals … and I’ve got no idea what this has to do with patriotism.


Scum, these are absolute scum!!!


The first results of the fight against “propaganda of non-traditional relationships”, as I see it.


People, let’s be more tolerant. Don’t start a civil war for any reason. Nationality, religion, sexuality. Don’t kill each other as enemies. And stop trolling one another.


Again, bottles in the arse … this is just puffterism, not patriotism.


He suffered for his beliefs and for love. Every revolution has its victims.


In other words, some evil perverts cracked down on a peaceful pervert. And yes, “raping with beer bottles” is clearly very patriotic. Strange country where these people are “patriots”.

Изя Кацман, мусорщик:

“Rabinovich, you’ve never fucked a fag?”
“Oh get away! Of course not! But I fucked a guy who fucked a fag …”


If you had to choose who to get stuck with on a desert island, who would you choose: a guy or a normal Russian-murderer?


How was the guy bothering them?

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