Girl Sentenced to Three Years in Jail for Self Defence

From Moskovsky Komsomlets:

Lotkova, a student who shot at hooligans in the metro has been sentenced to three years in prison

The sentence was handed down by Tverskaya Court.

Tverskaya Court in Moscow today passed sentence on Alexandra Lotkova, a student at Plekhanov Academy of Economics, for the shoorting and the “Tsvetnoy Boulevard” metro station. Lotovka claimed that she fired the traumatic gun [Note: a type of non-lethal weapon, legal for civilians to possess] in self-defence. However, the court sentenced her to three years in prison.

We recall that on the 25th May last year, Lotkova and her friends were ton the escalator when a group of drunken people came towards her and her friends. A fight broke out. Anastasia opened fire from a traumatic gun to defend herself. Two of the attackers were injured, one of them was lightly hit by a bullet.

Moskovsky Komsolets has already covered this story in more detail. On Wednesday, the last day of the hearing took place, according to the MK correspondent. Friends and classmates came to support Lotkova. The victims, on the other hand, did not turn up to the trial, only the mother of Ivan Belousov came to hear the sentence. She was very aggressive and said that if Alexandra was not found guilty, then she would complain to the international court.

But the court sided with the victims. Lotkova was sentenced to three years in a penal colony for intentionally causing potentially fatal harm to another person. She will be incarcerated in a minimum security penal colony for two years, she has already served on year under house arrest. Lotkova was placed under arrest in the courtroom. She will have to pay 300,000 roubles compensation to Ivan Belousov and 250,000 to Ibrahim Kurbanov.

Comments from Moskovsky Komsomlets:


What does “intentionally” mean? In my opinion, the maximum that this could possibly have been was that she used excess force used while defending herself, and I’m not even sure about that.


She defended herself and she’s found guilty. Society is sick, people are sick …


The criminal authorities protect their own.


In Russia, there’s no conscience, no laws, and no fair trials from the powers that be.


The girl needs to be released, rewarded, and the three year sentence given to the scum that lifted their hands against people (and got what they deserved). These aggressive chavs need to know that they won’t just be pushed back by citizens, they’ll get a jail sentence for their aggression as well.


Long live our humane and “fair” courts (to bandits and thieves, at least).


I have no words. This is not life, it’s just one big mess.


The judge has been bought … You’re a dickhead! Never more true, eh guys?!!

[Note: this is in reference to Ramzan Kadyrov a few days ago, the Russian word for “judge” and “referee” is the same.]


Nice one girl, I respect you for doing the right thing, the investigators have been bought off again.


If they’d killed her, she wouldn’t have been found guilty. Then these degenerates might have got a suspended sentence. It’s a terrible country when people don’t have the right to defend themselves. The courts are terrible too, watching over the interests of the criminals.


The Tverskaya court should be put up against the wall.

[Note: the commenter is recommending they be executed.]


If we pay the money to the investigators, the opponent will end up in jail and have to pay compensation?


Name of the judge, please. He’s a true hero of our time. Passing sentence no matter what!!! Hurray for him!!! Give the man a medal!!! He’s a new Russian hero


Bandits and judges are one and the same.

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