Goebbels Novel “Michael” Banned In St. Petersburg

From Lenta.ru:

In Petersburg Goebbels’ Novel Has Been Withdrawn from Sale

On August 22 the Office of the Prosecutor General of St. Petersburg reported the withdrawal of Joseph Goebbels’ novel Michael [a German Fate in Diary Notes] from book stores in the city. This is mentioned on the department’s site.

The agency specified that Ministry of Internal Affairs employees visited the chain Bukvoed and Dom Knigi and checked Goebbels’ novel had been withdrawn from sale. Warnings were given to these stores’ management about the impermissibility of violating the legislation on opposition to extremism.

The Office of the Prosecutor General also instructed the police to check whether signs of extremism are contained in the novel Michael. As the press previously stated, it’s particularly established in the novel that Jesus Christ couldn’t have been a Jew. Aside from that, in the book reverent comments are made about Hitler.

It became known about the novel’s appearance on August 12. According to the media, the book went on sale not only in Petersburg, but also in Moscow. Nothing has been reported about whether law enforcement will check the capital’s bookstores. The novel by Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda is also present in the catalogue of the internet-store Ozon, under the “bestseller” header. At the moment of writing the notice, though, there are no books in stock.

The novel by Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda, written in 1923, was released in Russia by the publisher Algoritm. Two thousand copies of the book were printed. On the publisher’s site it’s noted that “a few arguable points” in the book “today are presented unconditionally as anachronism”.

Comments from Lenta.ru:

Pavel Obrosov:

A relatively stupid idea, I think that the banning of these sorts of books gives the exact opposite effect, especially if it is taken into account that in the epoch of global internet, cleaning every last big of this out isn’t possible, aside from that it’s impossible to understand the reasons behind the German riddle of 1933-1945 without reading the labors of these great cannibals.

Alexei Egorov: (responding to above)

They’re no bigger cannibals than a corner store cashier, a school music teacher, or an assistant at a small firm selling hardware.

It’s grim to acknowledge, right?


For the store it’s a warning, for a normal person it’d be criminal charges right away.

SadlerRG: (responding to above)

They did it for lulz!

Ilya Viktorovich: (responding to above)

The most important thing is it’s stupid.

The first publication of Mein Kampf by Hitler after the War was produced by the Jews.

This says something.

Botsman Star: (responding to above)

It’s doubly stupid. So that history doesn’t repeat itself, we need to remember well how everything occurred. But here, it seems, we’re running in circles again.(

Oleg Anatolievich:

It’s a shame I didn’t know, otherwise I would’ve definitely bought it! Goebbels was a fantastically gifted, simply genius man! I think the novel corresponds to its author on a level.

Kokoko Ryumkin:

It’s tough.

On the one hand his rhetoric almost completely coincides with the Kremlin’s rhetoric: He also stigmatized the corrupt West, blames Anglo-Saxons for everything, said that Jewish rich men robbed his people and maintained that the people have the right to choose a leader for themselves even if the West is against it.

It’s completely unclear what to do about him.

eli koen: (responding to above)

Do you like Goebbels as a person or do you exclusively approve of his deeds?

Dmitry Kkkkkk:

There couldn’t be a better commercial.

>Jesus Christ couldn’t have been a Jew.

Well, it needs to be withdrawn because of that.

Pavel Obrosov:

I don’t like him, but I’m a liberal, just cognitive dissonance in a cube.

eli koen:

Well now the commotion will begin. Everyone who wasn’t going to buy it in the first place will throw themselves through the internets. WOW! It was banned – it means something worthwhile.

Kirill: (responding to above)

I’m thinking about downloading it myself =)

Pukan Bobmanulin: (responding to above)



“Give me the media and I’ll make a herd of pigs from any nation’s people.”

Joseph Goebbels

Yury Matsinchik:

Give any decent propagandist the media – and he’ll make a herd of pigs from any people, or a herd of cats, or a herd of lemmings… In generally, any herd you need. And everyone will joyfully and absolutely honestly scream “Hail the Main Pig / Cat / Lemming”, and will be pleased with life. Good propaganda (and not what’s being created right in the CIS, that’s just a parody of propaganda) is expensive…

Pushkind: (responding to above)

This is exactly what makes Goebbels’ thoughts relevant even today. That’s what it’s about

Evgeny Kuzkokov:

A few, upon reading Bibles, burned entire peoples. What now, ban the Bible?

Maxim Makin:

He was a fanatical moron, not more. You’re better off reading Rommel.

Oleg Anatolievich: (responding to above)

This “moron” got a PhD in 1921 from the University of Heidelberg. In the years of the Nazi government he also got some degrees, but this can’t really be considered objective. Actually, he himself developed and set out the basis of modern PR theory, manipulating public opinion. In serious schools they still study with his textbooks (naturally, the author’s changed but the original author’s name is shown in the references).

Sergei K-ov: (responding to above)

Let’s read the novel. Let’s form our own opinions.

PDF: http://goo.gl/6A4XRh

Anna Frundina: (responding to above)

Well, yeah. He’s one of the Reich’s few national-socialists with an education. It’s true, he got a PhD, it seems, for discussions on the theme of Romanticism, and barely at that. Are you sure that romantic dramaturgy is philosophy?

And in terms of Public Relations, well forgive me, he has nothing at all to do with anything. Absolutely. Americans are the first in this… But Goebbels wasn’t even an anti-Semite. Yeah and in terms of his knowledge of manipulation, before the Führer he’s simply a child. Maybe he did describe the rules of propaganda. However, I wouldn’t start claiming so bluntly that he was the father of modern PR and polit-technologies.

Inarguably, he was smart, but not enough for people to study his treatises in school)))

Clayton Ree:

Today Goebbels, tomorrow everything else. For the same idiotic reasons. And we’ll only read great Putin’s book How I Defeated Baldness.


Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer
Is this really an anachronism for Russia?

Lemmy Lemmy:

The chain of events looks interesting. First withdrawing, then checking for extremism. If it turns out that there isn’t extremism – then they’ll put it back? By logic yes. And actually I repeatedly heard from our spiritual endorsers that Jesus wasn’t a Jew, he’s something like a “gahd” and doesn’t have a nationality. Extremism?

Evgen Litke:

Thanks for the advertisement. I’ll go to the store before it gets withdrawn.))

Nikita Dubrovin:

Governments are destroying Nazi literature because it can open people’s eyes to the regime’s essence. What’s with the idiocy of fighting with books?

Troll Tolsty:

There doesn’t exist any so-called “extremism”, the procuratorship’s Kike colleagues need to break their fucking faces and noses in the most frightful way for the violation of human rights and freedom of information.

Michael Ashnin:

Historians and psychoanalysts need to read him, so he should be published. He was a monster,inhuman,killing his own little children with his fanatic wife,if anyone forgot,six innocent souls..

His doctor implored him not to do it,he’d already agree with the Red Cross about their transfer to Swedish care..No,he killed,poisoned all six,then he and his wife killed themselves..

He needs to be studied in order to understand-how such evil could exist,how a person with ability and education goes to be the personification of evil,to the very depths of the lowest and darkest,to the limits of fanaticism and obsession.

He was Hitler’s most faithful comrade in arms,he knew the Third Reich like the back of his hand, a small crippled person hobbling to the heights of power.

I wonder..

Evgeny Ignatov:

God, what mediocrity of the government!It can be thought that millions read books by Schelkgruber, Goebbels, and others (Bakunin, for example). Even if it is so, it raises the question: Where’s the counterpropaganda? Maybe the time has come for bureaucrats to stop covering their ideological feebleness and resign their commissions en masse? Is it possible intelligent ones will come?

Rossiysky Syr:

It’s strange, if his rhetoric coincides with the “Kremlin’s rhetoric”, then where’s the Kremlin rhetoric about a “higher race”, “the only true ideology”, “death to all those who disagree with our politics”, and “on the use of militarization and the application of force for the decision of the nation’s interests”?

You’re not mixing it up with US State Department rhetoric? ;)

De Goga:

Forbidden fruits are sweeter. Now out of principle I’ll search for the book.

eli koen:

German women, German loyalty, German wine, and German music”-does this attract you?

Lemmy Lemmy: (responding to above)

Why not? Especially the beer and song.

Kokoko Ryumkin:

I didn’t know that there is such a book. Now I’ll definitely find it in torrents, read it, and I’ll distribute it. Once they hide it it means there’s something interesting there.

Rossiysky Syr:

Goebbels is my ideological enemy, so I constantly have to talk with his followers on Lenta ;)

eli koen: (responding to above)

You do! it turns out we’re comrades in arms in the fight with his followers! Surprise…

Ivan Ivanov:

here on this link: http://rusforce.org/showthread.php?t=13867 some scoundrels have shamelessly put up all the book for download in PDF.

They need to be immediately arrested and the link banned.

Pushkind: (responding to above)

It’s useful to read. Especially knowing that the book’s basis is the thought that everything in our world is controlled by the Jews, the bearers of evil to whom only the Aryans, the bearers of good, can stand up. And still to remember how this all ended for Adolf’s followers

Denis Vasiliev:

Better commercials can’t be thought up! I’ll download it.

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