Hallowe’en Banned in Omsk as “Death Cult Propaganda”

From Ridus.ru:

Omsk recognises Hallowe’en as an extremist festival

The education ministry in the Omsk oblast considers Hallowe’en to be an extremist festival and intends to ban it in the region’s schools. The civil servants have decided that All Saints Day contains “specific propaganda of death”.

The education minister for the region, Sergei Alekseyev explained that the decision was taken in the context of “preventative action to protect children and young people from extremism”.

In the ban, the agency quotes a study by the Institute for Pedagogic Innovation at the Russian Academy of Education and the Institute for Family and Upbringing. Scientists came to the conclusion the celebrating Hallowe’en has “negative consequences on upbringing and education, as well as on those who take part.”

“Mythical content, specific death cult propaganda, including its personification, are present in some of the festival’s elements, and they can have a devastating effect on the psychological and moral well-being of students, and expert on the institutions’ data told Sib.FM

Hallowe’en is celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day, from which it gets its name: “All Hallows’ Eve”. However, the festival itself has its roots in Celtic mythology from Ireland and Scotlond, who celebrated “Samhain” at the time, literally “the end of summer”. Celebrations were arranged at the end of the harvest. In terms of “dark forces” and other mysticism, scientists are undecided. Some believe that in Celtic mythology, Samhain was really a time when you could get in touch with other-worldly forces. Others believe that all of this devilish festival can be traced back to Christian monks of the 10th/11th century.

Comments from Ridus.ru:


Well let’s ban all sorts of fantasy then, as well as zombie films and anything else unclean.

Толстопятов: (responding to above)

Yeah, let’s!

александр-7919: (responding to above)

It’d be ideal, but the evil-minded are infectious

coyoteOdin: (responding to above)

Are you talking about yourself there, monsieur?


All religions should burn in the furnace of history!


“Pray, pray, and pray again”. Miss Andrew

александр-7919: (responding to above)

That’s got nothing to do with anything, sick man.


Quite right, at least, it’s stupid to celebrate foreign festivals like monkeys. We need to establish our own so that we’re not shocked by school shootings.


We’re collecting all the shit from abroad. Here, people would rather get rid of our own stuff.

maclen0k: (responding to above)

I don’t like all this obsession over foreign stuff. But what’s so bad about a fancy dress holiday? Even our own traditions like ballet we learned from over there, in actual fact!


All of our life is propaganda for death


Banning everything is extremism


Has no-one thought to celebrate Independence Day and Thanksgiving here in Russia?

Leona-2010: (responding to above)

Go for it. And Bastille Day too, or do you prefer only American festivals?


The festival is obviously a bit idiotic, but there’s no point banning it…


We should ban Christmas as well. What a load of rubbish, God…


Well, ban Easter too! That’s death cult propaganda too!

Человѣкъ: (responding to above)

Easter is Christ’s Resurrection!

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