“I Promise To Allow Gay Parades In Moscow” – Navalny… or not?

An article published recently on the Echo Moskvy news site has claimed that Alexei Navalny, has promised to allow gay parades in Moscow. This comes against the background of increased tensions in Russia around the issue of gay rights, and the recent ban on gay parades in Moscow for the next hundred years. This statement would anger many Russians, many of whom strongly disapprove of homosexuality, in particular public displays of it.

However, on closer inspection, it would appear that Navalny said nothing specific in this regard. Navalny promised to uphold the constitution, which, in principle, allows gay parades. Echo Moskvy have interpreted this as loosely as they possibly could, and have come up with the most sensationalist headline I have ever seen, which seems like a thinly-veiled attempt to detract from Navalny’s campaign.

The second point the article makes, about banning cossack dancing, is presented as a counter-example, although Navalny is well known for his nationalist stance, and has been accused of racism against people from the Caucasus in the past. However, it would seem that this statement has been quoted in order to show an apparent contradiction in his stance, further undermining his position.

Read what ordinary Russians have to say below.

From Echo Moskvy:

Alexei Navalny has promised to allow gay parades in the capital if he is elected mayor of Moscow

He has pointed out that his main task will be observing the Russian Constitution.

All the same, Navalny has also promised to ban cossack dancing in the capital. Live on Echo Moskvy, he pointed out that it is inappropriate behaviour in Moscow.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Great! Navalny is our mayor!


He’s looking after his core voters =) However, it’s not really funny any more, I’m bored of the whole thing.


Cossack dancing is inappropriate behaviour, but gay parades are completely appropriate. This is stupid. You can go around with naked arses and tits, but you can’t dance.

olegnesterov: (responding to above)

Where have you seen tits at a gay parade?


Allow gay parades but ban cossack dancing. High class! What does it say about cossack dancing in the constitution?)))


Better a gay parade than watching a United Russia gathering!


Excuse me, are you a que…, oh sorry, a homosexualist???


Once again, they’ve distorted the news. He didn’t promise anything, he said that the town will act in accordance with the constitution. And according to the constitution, all gatherings (including gay gatherings) are allowed, and have notification procedures.


Did he say anything sensible or just talk about gay parades?

petrofoleg: (responding to above)

When has he ever said anything sensible?


He won’t even break up gatherings in support of Putin?


We don’t need a sodomayor.


Stupid decision. This won’t increase his votes, only lower them. And I’m not sure how gay parades (which the overwhelming majority dislike) are better than cossack dancing.


Navalny spoke about observing the constitution. Just the constitution, no subtext. Look how many of you are at the starting line, ready to bite.

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