Keep Out of the Woods! New Bill to Ban Being in the Forest


State Duma to introduce fines for being in the woods

The State Duma of the Russian Federation is to consider a bill toughening sanctions under fire safety legislation. As RBK reports, the new law introduces fines not only for lighting fires in periods of increased fire hazard, but for actually just being in the woods. If the bill is passed, the amendment will come into effect as soon as September 2013.

Individuals will be punishable by a fine of up to 2,000 roubles [£40, 50€] for lighting a fire, while being in the woods will attract a fine of up to 1,000 roubles [£20, 25€]. Similar sanctions are planned for legal entities with sums of 50,000 [£1000, 1200€] to 130,000 roubles [£2,600, 3,060€] and from 3,000-5,000 [£60-100, 70-120€] roubles respectively. How it will be established that legal entities are located in the woods has not been clarified by parliament.

Lawyers are skeptical about the probability this law will be passed, because it will be practically impossible to enforce. Also, for citizens of a number of subjects of the Russian Federation, it will be necessary to develop a body to declare when periods of fire safety are. The requirements of the new law also will collide with legal rights. For example, some villages surrounded completely by forest with a single track to “the mainland”. In this case, visiting the nearest shop will be simply impossible without breaking the proposed law.

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A present for the village mushroom pickers who voted for United Russia.


The State Dumba‘s repertoire consists of: banning, sending to prison, fining.


Do you ever read the news and think that you’ll end up in the madhouse under Vladimir Vladimirovich? :-)

НВ: (responding to above)


Владимир-3965: (responding to above)

Well God be with you! He’s only just started!!!


Mmhmm. Insanity is growing. Two forestry workers met and fined one another. In general, periods of increased fire hazard rarely coincide with mushroom season, and the rest of the time, people only go for picnics there, not going far. But there are already fines for lighting fires …


Who’s going to clean the forest tracks? The forestry workers have nothing better to do, local people throw rubbish into the forests, because just like in the USSR, why protect it if it’s not yours?

— Максим + Гридчин =:

Everything started out with greenery in Turkey too


Just wait until you have to pay a fine for getting up in the morning. If you die, your close relatives pay a fine.


The next law will be “anything that falls out of a cart is lost”…


It’s dangerous to stay in Russia during periods of increased fire hazard …

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