Kremlin Lights Go Out For Earth Hour, $850 Saved


Moscow has saved more than $850 on Earth Hour

The capital’s town hall has reported savings thanks to Moscow’s participation in Earth Hour. It would appear that by turning off the lights in 90 locations, including at the Kremlin, 5 MW of electricity have been saved in the capital, which corresponds to 26,000 roubles [£550, 650€].

Interfax report that according to information from the press secretary of the capital’s fuel-energy department, Pavel Livinskiy, “the sum saved is rather small because the lighting in Moscow uses energy-saving technology, such as LEDs.”

According to him, turning the lights off is more of a symbolic gesture, drawing Muscovites’ attention to the issues of the environment and saving energy.

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750 dollars [sic]? Probably [that was how much they saved] on the electricity, but how much did they have to spend on overtime for the electricians?

[Note: it is unclear where the $750 figure has come from, but it is repeated by the following commenter. There may have been a typo in the original article that has since been corrected.]


There are no savings on a national scale. In this case, it’s just that one government department won’t pay another government department 750 bucks [sic], but the other government department hasn’t saved this money, because nobody turned the power station off for an hour. What I’m saying is pretty simple, surely any civil servant with any powers must understand, no?


No. This is all just PR for Pu[tin] that cost thousands. Who cares about the electricity?


And in other news, another mouse has been born in the mountains.


Earth Hour only comes once a year baby …


This $850 isn’t enough for Rasha to be happy. Nice one, assholes.


It would be better to have a day without corruption … we could really save money on that )


For our bureaucrats, a single course in a restaurant costs more than that.


Berezovsky dies and the Kremlin turns out the lights … Symbolic.

[Note: the commenter is referring to the recent death of Kremlin enemy Boris Berezovsky.]


But how much has been wasted organising this??? I’m sure it’s many times more!!!

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