Man Shoots Self In Foot Testing Strength of New Boots


A Transnistria resident checked the quality of his boots by shooting himself in the foot

A Transnistria resident checked the strength of his boots that he recently acquired by putting them on and shooting himself in the foot with an air rifle. report this incident, which took place on the 17th water, quoting the local Interior Ministry.

The 35-year-old man from Grigoropol went to the hospital after the shooting he inflicted on his foot. There, he was offered help, and the pellet was removed from his left foot. Now, he feels fine.

In an interview with law enforcement officials who had been called out, the Transnistrian said that he shot himself in the foot. All the same, the police have decided to conduct an inquiry into the facts of the incident.

In 2010, a similar incident took place in Australia. There, two men, having drunk beer, decided to shoot one another in the testicles, because they wanted to find out how much it hurt. After the air rifle shootings, both were hospitalised.

Comments from

Елена Кутепова:

In a word: Moldovan

Martin Fredricsson: (responding to above)

Actually, this sort of story about checking the strength of air rifles could have been told by a million Russians. True, the consequences are not always like this.

Ivan Ivanov: (also responding to previous commenter)

More than likely, he was Russian or Armenian, considering the region.

андрей борисов:

Darwin award!

Anastasia: (responding to above)

For a Darwin award, he should have shot himself in the groin) Or in the head, I suppose)

hydrotema: (also responding to previous commenter)

Didn’t quite make it

Жерар Мукунку: (responding to above)

If he checked the quality of a hard-hat like this…


Strange, decent boots ought to be able to stand an air rifle shot. I need to check… :)

Anastasia: (responding to above)

What, can’t you learn from other people’s mistakes? Only from your own?

Александр Романов:

Would have been better if he’d checked the quality of his hat)

Anatoly Nikolaev:

Should have been in the eye.

Игорь Зеленский:

“All the same, the police have decided to conduct an inquiry into the facts of the incident.” Are they going to shoot him in the other foot?

Алексей Демченко:


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