Map of Russia Made out of Bread in St Petersburg


In St Petersburg, a map of Russia made out of bread

At the Anchikov palace in St Petersburg, bakery produce was used to make a map of Russia to coincide with National Unity Day. reports that the event took place as part of the United People of Russia festival, organised by the city’s youth politics committee in conjunction with public organisations.

The construction was two by three metres with trays in the shape of a map placed against the background of the Anichkov palace, and several hundreds of types of bread were used to fill the trays, including [a variety of Russian breads]. Anybody who wanted was allowed to help take it apart again.

Every nationality has their own specific type of bread. It’s a sacred product for any nation”, Aleksandr Parkhomenko, head of the young politics committee, explained the purpose of the event. “Apart from a few like Antarctica and Japan, everyone has bread. And even more so in our country. So we decided to make our multinational country’s map out of bread.

At the Anichkov palace, the closing concert of the United People of Russia festival took place, made up of 26 artists and ensembles selected by a jury, representing various ethnic groups. The festival began on 22 October at in the entrance hall of Vitebskiy train station.

Comments from

lenta reader III:

No big surprise, when the idea of nationality becomes filling your stomach with baked goods

try0002 here: (responding to above)

That’s not what it’s about, it’s that bread, is important to everybody. How dare they disrespect Bread!

горь козлов:

They’re going to make a map of Ukraine from salo

игорь козлов: (responding to above)

And Belarus from potatoes

lenta reader III: (responding to above)

And Yankland from iPhones?

игорь козлов: (responding to above)

China, more likely.

Евгений Колесников: (also responding to previous commenter)

Out of potatoes and ketchup.

Сантехник Иванович:

Are they gonna make anything out of potraits of Putin?

игорь козлов: (responding to above)

A map of Chechnya.

Alex/AT: (responding to above)

The word “happiness”.

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