Moscow Traffic Policemen Running VIP Escort Service


Moscow traffic police turned into a VIP escort service

Moscow’s traffic police have been using official vehicles for illegal escorts. VIPs were taken to various addresses in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast, dropped off at the airport, accompanied by [police] vehicles.

The parties involved are employees of the 9th department of the Moscow traffic police. They used vehicles with flashing lights and special livery for their own ends, ie: to have right of way over other traffic.

According to current information, the policemen were not afraid of using audible and visual signals, driving in oncoming lanes, crossing double solid lines and so on.

The clients of the VIP escort “service”, according to Kommersant, included the MP Leonid Slutskiy, who has declined to comment.

At the moment, investigative bodies are looking into all incidents of illegal use of service vehicles by the capital’s traffic police force, suggesting that inspectors began their escort service at the end of 2012. Three employees of the 9th department of the traffic police have already been fired, and the head of the department, Police Colonel Victor Savin has been warned over dereliction of duty.

All information relating to the case have been given to the investigative bodies for legal assessment and to decide whether charges should be brought over abuse of power.

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I wonder, is this really news to anyone?

belyaevyi: (responding to above)

The fact that they’ve been brought to account? That’s probably news.

MAXHO: (responding to above)

That’s power for you, both the prosecutors and the policemen

Партийная бабушка:

One service of the people are transporting the other services of the people

mikelangelo: (responding to above)

These guys aren’t exactly used to going on foot.


Servants of higher powers :-) All higher powers are corrupt like this. And who was it that created them then? :-)


This morning the cops were driving at full speed into the centre, going A-B with sirens screaming and other things like that, they were somewhere in the middle, felt like some kind of huge terrorist attack had happened in the centre.

MAXHO: (responding to above)

The Russian “elite” IS a huge terrorist attack on the country.


The cop’s been bought, you’re a dickhead

asinch: (responding to above)

And you, darling, are not a very intelligent man.


Why haven’t they written about ambulance? People are dying, but they’re running a VIP transport service. This isn’t news, it’s daily life.


This news is simply shocking! How is this is possible?! The Russian police are role models, they’re all smart, educated people! And now this! I don’t believe it!

buterbrod: (responding to above)

Hahaha I laughed, thank you )) What world do you live in? We see these “smart” people every day on the streets, but how are they good “role models”, they take money, knock people over while drink-driving, and then they don’t even have the courage to take responsibility for their actions, and they cause fights and shoot-outs in bars. Brilliant! Or don’t you believe that either?

YarChe-N: (responding to above)

It was sarcasm :)

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