Muslim Leader Tells Women to Dress Appropriately in Summer

From Ya Plakal:

The mufti of Tyumen has warned girls about minimalism

The warm spring and summer days are no reason for minimalism in women’s clothing, according to the head of the Kazyyatskiy Administration for Muslims of the Tyumen Oblast, Fatyh Garifullin, who has recommended that girls carefully consider their outfits.

“It’s essential for their safety, so as not to provoke men. A man, for example, could come out of prison, see a girl in short skirt, lose his control, and there we go”, Garifullin said to Interfax, explaining his reasoning.

Garifullin advised all girls to dress modestly, regardless of their beliefs. “I was in Egypt last week. Thirty degrees, and women young and old wear long dresses, scarves, they walk around proudly, and are respected. But here, it’s short skirts, shorter tops and tattoos on the shoulders and back”, the mufti complained.

Comments from Ya Plakal:


The mufti of Tyumen. Not Syrian, not Egyptian, but from Tyumen. FUCK.


The mufti can fuck off. Dress your daughter and your wife in bags, and don’t bother the rest of us.


I would advise him to shut his mouth.


Let this bitch go to live in Egypt.


Fuck off mufti. If your muslim women look like bin bags, then just envy us in silence.


Advise your countrymen to keep their cocks in their hands, mufti, and not look at Russian girls! In your country, you can decide who wears what, but we don’t have sharia law here.


Good job the mufti doesn’t go to the ballet.

StalinS: (responding to above)

Ban the ballet. It’s devilry!


The mufti of Tyumen! It’s mythical bullshit.


Haha. It sounds like the Vatican’s Dalai Lama


So what are you all discussing this for? So this mufti’s got an opinion. I couldn’t give a shit about his opinion … or anything to do with him.


It’s spring, girls are getting undressed, it’s nice to see)! The mufti can f… off


Well when will the stars on the Kremlin’s towers become half-moons? Everything’s leading that way …

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