Navalny: Allegations My Finance Comes From Abroad Are Lies

From Echo Moskvy

Candidate for Moscow mayorship Alexei Navalny has called the General Prosecutors statement that money for his election campaign fund has come from abroad a fabrication

“Sobyanin is very tempted to remove me from the elections, because he’s scared of a second round”, Navalny told Echo Moskvy. The General prosecutor denied this in an interview with Echo Moskvy and representatives of the Yandex-Money payment system.

Charges against Navalny over foreign financing will not lead to his candidature being withdrawn. This is the opinion of former executive committee member Igor Borisov, a representative of the Council of the Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law. He believes the authorities will barely have time to address this case before the 8th of September.

Borisov reminds us that the Moscow Municipal Election Committee can only remove a candidate by court order.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


“Sobyanin is very tempted to remove me from the elections” Not just Sobyanin, but all those in favour of Putin. And not just tempted, but a crazy desire.

oleg_it_msk: (responding to above)

Even Putin couldn’t get more than 50% in Moscow. Putin’s official result in Moscow in the last elections was 46.95%. Sobyanin can only have less. That means a second round is unavoidable.

katletina: (responding to above)

Is Russia the same as Moscow? Why are you talking about the mayor of Moscow and the Russian president? Why not Krekalya? [Note: a tiny island in Murmansk]

drom4: (responding to above)

Can you not see further than your own nose?)

katletina: (responding to above)

Can you not see further than Moscow?


First Sobyanin gives him signatures, then 2 weeks later, takes Navalny from the elections?


Alexei’s clearly flattering himself…


Why aren’t they investigating where the funding comes from for other candidates?


Navalny’s “heating up” his pre-election campaign. It’s completely possible that because of this, his role is over. :((


Dear editor, Alexei did not call this a fabrication. He called it lies, which is closer to the truth.


Navalny is no contender for Sobyanin. Perhaps for some of the other candidate, he is. But not for the interim mayor of the capital.


Even if he wanted, Navalny wouldn’t get past the filter and would be sent to jail.

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