Navalny’s Voter Registration Matches Racist Slogan


Navalny will vote at station № 1488

Mayoral candidate Alexei Navalny will vote in the elctions on 8 September at station number 1488. If you believe the registration documents of his firm in Chernogoriya, the opposition politician is registered on Lyublinskaya Street in Marino. The building number is not known because the photograph is blurred, but it is clear that the number is made up of three digits and the second is 7.

If you go on the electoral committee’s website and input a building number like, for example, 171, the system returns station number 1488 at Lyubinskaya Street 173.

The numbers 14/88 are most popular with radical right wing movements. The 14 represents the 14 words of the white American racist David Lane “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. The 88 encode the words “Heil Hitler”, as the letter H is the eighth in the traditional latin alphabet. in some cases, the 88 is not a reference to Hitler, but 88 theses of this same David Lane, in which he formulates his political position.

This coincidence is all the more curious as Alexei Navalny is known for his nationalist position and for taking part in “Russian Marches”.

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Another masterpiece of reporting unveiling Alexei. What a vile man.


Great station number! Keep it up ;)


The author’s on magic mushrooms


An exceptionally disgusting face. Even a smile doesn’t make him more attractive.


They turned off our water yesterday. It’s Navalny’s fault again.


Whoa)) Ridus is on a par with NTV and Channel 1 [Note: both well-known for pro-Putin tendencies.]

Dobrusha: (responding to above)

Well done Ridus, it’s all objective, there’s criticism of the government and the opposition. KEEP IT UP!

Алексей Глазков: (responding to above)

Where’s the criticism of the government?


Navalny is a human and wants to eat too. And he has his own ambitions. We’ll forgive him.


Wow, this is news! Did you know, if you put the numbers of building 176 together (1+7+6), you get 14!!! And if you take the number of the month twice (it’s August now, so 8 and 8), you get 1488!!!


Russian Marches? Seriously? I though he was a decent guy… or is this all just a joke? I hope so. A Nazi mayor is a bit much. Damn, I’m upset.

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