New Nuisance Laws Ban Loud Snoring and Cats Walking at Night


A law has been passed in St. Petersburg banning “the footsteps of cats”, groans, dogs barking, banging, and squeaking at night

MPs in St. Petersburg have passed the amendments to the city’s nuisance laws, making “knocking”, “moving furniture”, “loud snoring”, “the footsteps of cats”, “groans”, “squeaks” and “dog barks” at night administrative offences. This is reported by Interfax.

Residents of St. Petersburg will have to pay a fine of 500-4,000 roubles [£11, 12€-£85, 100€] for disturbing the peace at night. First offenders will only receive a warning.

Those in positions of responsibility will have to pay 5-10,000 [£105, 120€] roubles for disturbing the peace, while those in the legal profession will have to pay 25-50,000 [£525, 600€] roubles.

Two years ago MPs introduced a legal responsibility for citizens of the city to remain quiet from 11pm to 7am. During this time, it is forbidden to turn on video players, sing, shout, play instruments, do repairs or let off fireworks in your apartment.

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There’s a competition … St. Petersburg’s local government are competing with the State Dumba in terms of idiocy. The Petersburgers are in the lead))).

[Note: the Russian words for idiot is “dura”, which bears a similarity to “duma”, the name for the Russian parliament.]

Михаил Никитин: (responding to above)

It’s just a temporary advantage. I think the State Dumba will catch up quickly.


I’m not a lawyer, but there’s a loophole here – loud farts at night.


I can’t write anything sensible here without swearing.

Сидор Иванов:

Well, I can understand cats’ footsteps ))) but how are they going to control snoring? Execution or what? These are absolute idiots, first rate idiots. I have no words, what’s the country coming to?


Also included in the amendments: Birds are prohibited from banging on the window, icicles from dripping on the window sill, water pipes and lifts are banned from making a noise.
But they didn’t pass these amendments because these things don’t have any money.


Look at all the sarcastic comments – they’re either people who have been lucky with their neighbors or hooligans who love jogging at night, bouncing, laughing at the tops of their voices, dragging their squeaking chairs across the floor, etc.


Who’s going to warn the CATS about their first offence? A special police unit?

Олег Томилин:

Hurray! The so-called cultural capital zhzhot!


If you ban “moans” and “squeaks” in the night, then Putin’s target of increasing the country’s birth rate will be impossible!


Sometimes, people get diarrhoea, these guys have law-arrhoea

Семен Шиляев:

What, you’re still not paying for oxygen!!!??? You will soon AHAHAHA (from the St. Petersburg City Council)

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