New Sniper Weapons System Developed in Russia


A new sniper weapons system has been developed in the Russian Federation

Army special forces, intelligence forces, and paratroopers will have new sniper weapons soon. Dmitry Rogozin spoke about this during his visit to the KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, Interfax reported on Saturday.

Rogozin noted that these systems were built on the foundations of the developments made by the KBP under the leadership of Arkadiy Shipunov, who died on the 25th April. “If we do this, and we’ll do this rather quickly, you will find out about it, and you will be glad that Shipunov’s work lives on”, he said.

Rogozin did not say which weapons he was talking about specifically, and did not add any additional information.

Rogozin also said that the state defence budget may also include floating bulletproof vests. Approximately 1,500 of these bulletproof vests that perform a number of rescue functions are already in use by the coastal forces of the Navy, but the marines need approximately 5,500, according to General Major Alexander Kolpachenko.

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Rogozin‘s a good guy. One of few.

Strange Ranger: (responding to above)

Rogozin‘s a loudmouth. One of many.

Zanoza .:

You don’t need to be upset that our “army special forces, intelligence forces, and paratroopers will have new sniper weapons soon”. Unless you think that they’re going to be aimed at you personally, then you can get upset, obviously :)

Maksim Karpov: (responding to above)

It’s just I hear the phrase “in the near future, our xxx will receive new yyys”. I prefer a different phrase: “our xxx have receive 100% of the new yyys they needed.”

richard grosso:

It’s just Rogozin doing PR

Российский Сыр: (responding to above)

You’re saying it as though it’s a bad thing. In the West, they do nothing but PR.

kozel vonucy:

It looks just like a plastic toy … there’s not even a trigger

Конь в Макинтоше: (responding to above)

It shoots with the power of thoughts.

som: (also responding to previous commenter)

I didn’t even notice – that means it’s just a model to demonstrate the scope’s effectiveness :-)

Гуся Ивановна:

We’ll have everything one day, gents

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