Pierre Richard Releases Wine Range to Compete with Depardieu

From Ridus.ru:

Pierre Richard Will Compete with Depardieu in Russian Wine Market

Today, on October 3, Pierre Richard presented his own line of wines. He has already traveled around all of Russia and was even in Vladivostok.

The famous Frenchman feels that in Russia there is nothing impossible. And that if Georgia’s already managed to make good wine, then Russia definitely should. The main thing, in his words, is to find a place suitable in climate – with a warm enough winter.

Today France has already lost its exclusivity in wine production. In the words of Richard, good wines are now produced in Spain, Italy, and even in America. He himself adores dry wines from Australia. But here he notes that it’s a matter of habit: dry wine will seem sour to someone who drinks sweet, and the opposite.

Having initially bought 20 ha of vineyards, he didn’t know at all what to do with them, but he found helpers: with their help the first batch of wine has already won the gold medal in France. Richard says that the two professions – actor and winemaker – are a lot alike. It’s just as nice to watch good cinema as it is to drink wonderful wine.

Richard has made a declaration of love to Russia. “You never know not only what will occur in the future, but also what was in the past. The history of Russia is completely illogical. But it’s very joyful,” declared the actor.

In comparison with his compatriot Gerard Depardieu, he has a huge family, many grandchildren – because of this he wouldn’t want to live anywhere except for France, nor could he.

Comments from Ridus.ru:


Wonderful guy. He reminds me for some reason of a homely, nice, gray-haired old guy ))

Tovarishch O. Bender: (responding to above)

How I envied the little brat from the movie The Toy that made fun of him… what cool toys the guy has in the movie

Liala new:

How time flies… and doesn’t spare anyone, even the very best…

Niko Griby Belik:

Everyone, on the down low, is running to Russia. It’s not an isolated instance anymore.



Has a Russian passport been given to Richard? He looks nicer than the fatass.


Will it be sold in liter boxes? It’s expensive in bottles.


I don’t know how his wine is but he’s a wonderful actor, I remember in school running home from class to watch The Umbrella Coup.


What kind of hooch and in what kinds of containers will Kutsenko and Bezrukov put out?

[Note: famous Russian actors]


It’s of course not new technologies, but as those French say: When you don’t have what you love, you love what you have! )) It’s good though, judging by the article, it’s not bum wine and not hooch!


His wine will be lighter and more joyous.


Don’t we have enough alkies or what?

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