Portaloos Cause a Traffic Jam in Krasnoyarsk

From Lenta.ru:

Portaloos cause a traffic jam in Krasnoyarsk

Three portaloos fall out of a truck and onto a bridge in the city centre.

Portaloos falling out of a truck have caused a traffic jam in the centre of Krasnoyarsk. This was reported by “Interfax”, citing the Krasnoyarsk traffic police’s public relations officer, Yulia Sergeyeva.

At about 11 am local time an Isuzu truck, carrying five portaloos, hit a pothole on Kommunalniy Bridge. As a result three toilets fell onto the road, one of them hit a passing Ford Mondeo.

The obstacles in the road were moved with help of traffic police. Traffic on the bridge in both directions has now been restored. No one was hurt in the accident.

As noted by the traffic police, the pothole on the bridge should have been filled in earlier. “Last week traffic police issued instructions for the pothole to be repaired. However the person responsible, instead of covering it with asphalt, covered the hole with some small stones” Sergeyeva reports.

Comments from Lenta.ru:

Kolya Ishakov:

I hope they were empty?


At least it wasn’t a cesspit :-)

Michael Sadovsky: (responding to above)

We drove over it really fast last week. Totally smashed the wheel up.

Russell Archer:

What’s the point of RosYama? [Note: an online project to deal with surface problems on Russian roads]

Michael Sadovsky: (responding to above)

Just for fun…


Guess the country from the photograph

Mikhail Boyarsky: (responding to above)

And every year the cars in the photos get more and more expensive.

Виталий Халяпин: (responding to above)

And every year the debt on loans gets higher and higher.

zlrkprlc: (responding to above)

Oil is expensive, foreign spare parts are all somehow “Made in China”.

Gudkov Denis

Someone fucked up.

Don Tigro:

OK, so there’s a pothole, but what did the drivers do, sit there and wait for the traffic police to come and drag the toilets away?

Sergey Khokhlow: (responding to above)

It was a traffic accident, so the owner of the Ford will have had to fill in a compensation form. That’s why he was waiting for the police.

Don Tigro: (responding to above)

So the traffic jam was caused by that one Ford car?

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