Promoting Oral Sex Could Be Banned Under Anti-Gay Law


MP Mizulina wants to ban the promotion of oral sex in Russia

State Duma MPs want to increase the scope of “non-traditional sexual relationships” that are banned by law. In addition of same-sex love, oral sex could be added to the list. This suggestion was made by the head of the State Duma committee for family, women and children Elena Mizulina.

The infamous TV star Ksenia Sobchak immediately reacted to the news with a Twitter post. “Mizulina has today said on RenTV that “the law will include a ban on promoting oral sex”. How? Will it be illegal to eat choc-ices in public? The next bill Mizulina proposes will be related to the destructive influence of Chupa-Chups on the demographic situation of the country…”.

Opposition politician Ilya Yashin also did not miss the opportunity to satirise the people’s darling: “Thanks to MP Mizulina, the football chant ‘Suck on the red and whites’ has suddenly become a dissident slogan”, he wrote on his microblog.

The radio journalist Olga Bakushkinskaya also was not indifferent: “Mizulina, they’re saying, has said that oral sex is a non-traditional sexual relationship. A law against oral sex. Refreshing.”

We recall that on the 11th June, the State Duma passed on the second and third reading a law banning gay propaganda in Russia. After this, the chairman of the State Duma committee for family, women and children Elena Mizulina stated she believed children should be taken away from Russian parents if it turns out that they are homosexual and live in single-sex families, Rosbalt reports.

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Someone needs to find her a man, so that she finally calms down :-)

deesky: (responding to above)

Looks like this man hasn’t earned it with his tongue

Михаил Фельдман:

Oral sex is only permitted to [United Russia members] with Putin in an active role.

бубновый valet:

They’ve muddled everything up as usual


Has she gone mad? Let’s ban people from knowing about bank accounts, real estate, places for teaching kids about the powers that be – now that’s a thought!


Brilliant! She can now be diagnosed as a quacking duck. [ie: spouting nonsense]

Костя Бодня:

And these people were chosen to run the country.


Own up, the horrible person who refused E. Mizulina oral sex?? )))


Are non-traditional sexual relations already forbidden by law? What’s up with Mizulina, she’d take bread from the pope!


The stranger the woman, the more mad legal initiatives she pushes for. Interesting pattern.


Well, it would seem that Mizulina has finally gone mad


It looks like Mizulina is aiming to wind up the opposition

Джереми Яблонски:

Anal sex is now de facto banned, so they’re going after oral sex!

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