Putin Beat American Congressman in Armwrestle

From Ridus.ru:

Armwrestling with Putin: “He beat me in a second!”

Representative of the Republican party Dana Rohrabacher, assessor on the Committee on Foreign Affairs gave an interview on the Syrian issue on Southern California Public Radio in which he recounts how he once fought Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rohrabacher recounted that at the time, he was working as Reagan’s senior speech writer, and he met with a group of “young political leaders” from Russia. In a completely friendly manner he called on them to play football. Three Russian civil servants, among whom was the deputy mayor of Saint Petersburg, V V Putin, accepted the invitation.

We played football, Louis Libby and some of my friends on the right were with us.”, Rohrabacher says. “We all ended up going to the Irish Times Pub afterwards, and we were having a little bit too much to drink I guess. But anyway, we started arguing about who won the Cold War, etcetera. And so we decided to settle it like men do when they’ve had too much to drink at the pub.”

“So we got down to these arm-wrestling matches… Putin had me!”, Dana continues. “And he’s a little guy, but boy I’ll tell you he put me down in a millisecond. He is tough … his muscles are just unbelievable.”

You know he’s a tough guy [Note: the Russian source here does not quote the following from the interview: “and he’s supposed to be a tough guy”], that’s what the Russian people want, but that’s no reason that we shouldn’t try to work with him”, he added.

Comments from Ridus.ru:


Putin can put anyone on the mat in politics too))


Interesting story… it says a lot, especially in the context of current world events.


It shows how Putindeals with important issues.


“You know he’s a tough guy, that’s what the Russian people want […] he added.” Amazing. Of course the Americans know best what the Russian people want. But what Russian people definitely don’t want is corruption, increases in utility bills, stagnation in the economy, super-duper mega-projects like the Olympic games which won’t give anything back to the country, but destroys and plunders resources at the expense of medicine, education, and results in curtailing spending in the social sphere.

asinch: (responding to above)

Every normal man wants to be rich and healthy. But just wanting it isn’t enough.

Харе Кришна:

Yeah whatever, they should have been measuring their pussies…

asinch: (responding to above)

Some would say.

назар захаров:

Mothers getting 134 roubles a month [£2.60, 3.10€] per child love the severity of the gas king. It’s sort of the higher powers over the lower.

Further comments from Gazeta.ru:


How deep this guy has fallen, the senator fit so much adulation into his speech!


There is some strength…


Our president is respected the world over.


So his muscles are big. That’s why his brains are a bit on the small side to be running the state.

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