Putin: “I Enjoyed Topless Protest in Germany!”

From Ridus.ru:

Putin liked Femen’s protest

Femen activists have organised yet another half-naked protest at a trade fair in Hannover where the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As the leaders of the two countries examined a Volkswagen stand, girls lurking in the sea of journalists stripped to the waist and broke through the cordon and began chanting obscene slogans in English. They also had obscene messages painted on their bodies in English and in Russian. The protest didn’t last long and the girls were quickly overpowered by the security guards and taken away. The guests continued their inspection of the exhibition stands. Later, at a press-conference Vladimir Putin said that he knew of the impending protest by representatives of the Femen group, and liked it, according to Interfax. “In terms of the protest, I enjoyed it. In principle, we knew that they were preparing something like this. Thank you, Ukrainian girls, you’ve helped kick the exhibition off to a great start.” The Russian President also remarked that the protests by the Ukrainian feminists is nothing new and not to be feared. He expressed doubt that such actions may serve political goals. “If someone wants to argue about political issues, it is better to do it clothed, not naked. There’s a time and place for getting undressed” Mr Putin stressed. The Russian President even felt sorry for the girls, who were overpowered by the guards.

He added: “To be honest, I didn’t really hear what they were shouting, because the security guards are very firm. These big guards swooped down onto the girls, I don’t think that’s right, they could have handled them a bit more gently.”

Comments from Ridus.ru:


The botox hasn’t disappeared yet.

Андрей-9064: (responding to above)

Yes, we can clearly see that in the photo.

Балу: (responding to above)

The tits in Femen are a bit on the small side((( they crushed those Ukrainian girlies… what do they feed them over there? Do they feed them at all?

romitova-6286: (responding to above)

Maybe they are laughing at the size of their boobs?

varan: (responding to above)

They need to relocate to Chernobyl, that’d help! )

svetuvarova: (responding to above)

Putin is simply brilliant! Just one word of approval from him will put Femen‘s rating through the floor!


Angela Merkel likes Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin]. He is brutal, and she is a prude. He took her hand, and she felt embarrassed, but didn’t let go. She obviously likes it.
Good photo. Made me smile. Thank you.


Good God! I know no one wants to grow old, but he’s going to catch up Gurchenko [Soviet singer, actress and plastic surgery enthusiast.]

Курочка Рэбэ:

If the undresser were a boy, he would have been even happier.

Ivan.: (responding to above)

He is looking at the Femen girls’ belly button and imagining it’s a boy.


He is so plastic.

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