Rainbow Flag of Jewish Autonomous Oblast Disliked by Residents

Flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast

From Ridus.ru:

The rainbow flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast confuses half of its residents

Local news agency EAOmedia has found out from visitors to the portal how they feel about the similarities between the flag of the JAO and sexual minorities, and whether it confuse the citizen. And, it would seem, they do not feel very positive about it – practically half of the oblast’s residents are confused.

The official description of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast’s is as follows:

The flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast is made up of a white rectangular panel, on the horizontal axis of which is a coloured stripe, symbolising the rainbow and consisting of seven thin, horizontal lines, placed from top to bottom in the following order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, the width of each is exactly 1/40th of the width of the flag, separated by thin white horizontal lines, each of which is exactly 1/120th of the width of the flag. The ratio of the width of the flag in relation to its length is 2:3.”

It is particularly emphasized that the coloured stripes on the flag must be arranged in order, from left to right as you stand in front of the flag, and not…

According to the results of the survey, people believe that the time has come to change the flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast – 36% of those asked. (By the way, the flag is 13 years old, the flag was confirmed in November 1996). 31% of the oblast’s residents were not at all confused by the flag. 21% were confused. Another 15% could not see the similarities between the flag of sexual minorities and the symbol of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. 13% specifically went on the site to say that they did not care.

The story about the flag began when a resident of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast approached the Heraldic Council of the President of the Russian Federation to check to see if the oblast’s flag was gay propaganda. Specialists investigated and came to the conclusion that the Jewish Autonomous Oblast’s flag was not propaganda for homosexuality.

Comments from Ridus.ru:


Absolute madness :-D !!

aN_Na: (responding to above)

I agree, it’s only snobs that can see propaganda in this!!! Next, we’ll be banned from calling the sky blue! [Note: blue is a common euphemism in Russian for homosexual] Our world was made perfect, but gays appeared, and turned everything upside down!!! Now, everyone is reminded of it with every painting O…o-o-o


Madness is growing


The very idea of a rainbow after the rain confuses half the population of Russia, who are obsessed with fags :)

coyoteOdin: (responding to above)

So now, Milonov and Mizulina should ban rain as “propaganda”.

Змей Горыныч:

What’s so confusing? You just need to ban gays from defiling the flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, job done :-)


It’s a bit late to make excuses for it


Poof colours – do not like.


We should give this flag to the Chechens, let them carry it with pride


And why is no-one surprised by the name of the region – JEWISH?

Добробобр: (responding to above)

And why should anyone be surprised by this? )

Written by Joe Innes

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  • Ruaraidh

    Whilst the prevaling attitude towards homosexiality in Russia is pretty immature and unfunny, I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of assigning the rainbow flag to Chechnya.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I feel like the whole article elicits a facepalm from me the whole time while reading it. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to Russia’s homophobia….

  • Lou Maessen

    Does anyone know anything about the de facto treatment of homosexuals during the soviet union? I cant imagine why atheist communist would hold any particular grudge against them but for some reason im not confident it would be a gay man’s haven.

    • Anna Presman

      In Stalin’s time they were considered agents recruiting the youth against the USSR. Then again, it was Stalin, everyone were potential agents.

      • Lou Maessen

        You mean agents for the west? Where their position wasn’t any better? Communismn really has a way of disapointing you when its put into practice…

        • Anna Presman

          Yeah, exactly. But again, during Stalin’s regime anyone could be labeled as a foreign agent and shot or sent to a prison camp, absolutely anyone. Homosexuals were not special in any way in that regard. And actually there was more chance to be arrested for being too intellectual and knowing too much. Or even if your neighbor didn’t like you and reported you. At least sexual preferences are easy to hide.

    • Tova Rischi

      In the anarchy immediately following the revolution, it was made…
      well, not illegal per se but several soviets seemed to legalize it.
      However, it was never widely practiced and quickly was made illegal
      again by the next wars. That’s not to say it was tasteful to the soviet people but the USSR technically was the first nation to have gay marriage in the modern sense.

      From Stalin on though the act was seen as a symptom of greater hedonism and greater greed within Western/Capitalist societies. Think of how we think of Roman Emperors and their orgies and you get the feeling that was most common. Likewise, Russian psychiatry fell behind the west fairly quickly; it’s still behind today, and consider it wasn’t until the 80s that we ourselves disassociated homosexuality from things like psychopathy. Pederast is still a common word used to refer to it, evoking those same graecoroman strawmen as well. It was there, it’s always been there, and while the ROC galvanized it they didn’t seed it in any meaningful sense.

      Remember that communism is a mostly economic and histological proscription, not a social one, and yet still distinct from the new left.

  • Anna Presman

    I was born in Russia and still have Russian friends and family. Who frankly couldn’t care less about gays or the meaning people in the west seem to give to everything rainbow colored.
    I’m against the law, because it’s very ambiguous and can (and will) be used to get rid of political opponents, but I agree with the commenter who said that next people will be seeing propaganda in the color of the sky!
    Rainbows were always a big part of Russian culture, and I’m afraid that now people will be afraid to use them in the context they always had in Russia – kindness and happiness.

  • Marcus Muller

    Lets start arresting random handsome men because their faces/bodies are promoting homosexuality in me!

  • Chris Granzow XI

    I noticed this flag a long time ago when I was younger and remember wondering to myself what rainbows had to do with judaism. If they’re going to change the flag, they might as well change the name “Jewish Autonomous Region” too. I don’t think Jews even make up more than 1% of the entire oblast……there’s more jews on the north pole than that place.

  • Ондрей

    Привет с ЯПа!

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Because color = gay.

  • Петрович

    Здесь не только с япа копипастят.