Russia Agrees to United Air Defence System with Former USSR

From Echo Moskvy:

Russia to create united air defence system with Armenia and Kazakhstan

It will also strengthen a similar system with Belarus. This was announced today by Vladimir Putin at a presentation ceremony for senior officers. He explained that the creation of troop bases in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan was also in the pipeline.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Russia has no border with Armenia. Will this united air defence system operate on Georgian territory, or what?


Why Georgia? Radar reaches the other side of Georgia too.


Obviously there are no other problems in Russia apart from finding foreign enemies and arming them.

sg_74: (responding to above)

Well, there was no modern air defence system in Yugoslavia, and now there’s no Yugoslavia.

tanya: (responding to above)

Yugoslavia fell apart due to internal conflict, not external enemies. The same will happen with Russia, even if we do have air defences.

dr_sax: (also responding to grandparent)

Air defence systems are defensive weapons, what do you mean looking for enemies? A united air defence system allows more work for the same money. Where’s the harm in that?


…back to the USSR


Yet another spiritual bandage for the former USSR.


The United States of Armenia…


Yeah, air defences with Armenia and Tajikistan are GREAT. But how much do they want for this service?

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