Russian Domestic Passports to Be Replaced by Smart Cards

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In two years, the domestic passport given to Russian citizens will be replaced by a plastic card

The plastic card will replace Russians’ domestic passport 2015. Konstantin Romodanovsky, head of the Federal Migration Service came out with words to this effect early today, writes “Interfax”.

“An interdepartmental working group has been established. We are at a difficult stage now, defining the requirements We need to develop a draft bill setting a time scale for switching over to electronic passports. Initial expectations are that the cards will come out in 2015”, – said Romodanovsky

The head of the agency added that in July this year, the Federal Migration Service will begin issuing passports for foreign travel that carry the holder’s fingerprints.

Applications opened in many Russian cities in January 2013 for a universal electronic card that will be converted into a new-style internal passport in two years time. The card will include data about the holder, an electronic signature, bank details, and will help to facilitate the provision of social and public services, payment of utility bills and tickets for public transport.

[Note: Russian citizens hold one or two passports. An obligatory domestic passport serves to identify them within Russia, and is required for things such as buying train tickets, opening bank accounts, and so on. An optional international passport allows the holder to travel outside of Russia. More on Wikipedia]

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Ale Ivl:

In other CIS countries, they’ve had these cards for a long time, and we’re just now working on the bill that will regulate the transition …
So does that mean that this isthis is less important than the so-called “Dima Yakovlev” act, or the one on non-profit organisations, or the one on rules about holding protests and changing fines?

coyoteOdin: (responding to above)

Well, in Belarus, for example, they don’t have this sort of card (but they do have a single passport – both the “domestic” and “international” passports are the same document)

Балу: (responding to above)

In my opinion, that’s more important than a plastic card. I want to be able to travel abroad without having to fill in another document, that wouldn’t be bad either.

Ale Ivl: (responding to above)

I agree, it would be an excellent and very convenient solution. But it won’t happen as long as we have military service. :)


It’s stupid, an international passport lasts ten years, there are no problems getting it but it causes hold-ups if you try to leave without it.




Will there be a heading for nationality?

Рейнаке: (responding to above)

There needs to be a “class” heading too …


I’d be ashamed to call a card with THAT design on my passport.


Tomorrow an electronic passport, the day after, microchips under your skin. Down with the World Government!!!

Written by Joe Innes

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  • Paul M

    About damned time. I remember having to carry my passport with me everywhere and having a protective cover for it is essential. A guy I worked with didn’t bother getting one for his passport and it had started to fall apart within a few months. I joked with him saying that he wouldn’t be allowed back home with his passport in that condition.