Russian Girl Zlata Most Flexible in the World


From Wisaev’s LiveJournal:

The most flexible girl in the world is our girl…

The title of the most flexible woman in the world is held by a 27-year-old Russian. Yulia Gyuntel, born in Naberezhnye Chelny is considered the most flexible girl in the world.

Yulia is known to fans of her talents as Zlata. She has no problems scratching her heel with her foot over her head.

If she needs to, she can easily fit into a box 50cm2 [sic]. The girl started to do gymnastics when she was four. When she realised her body’s unique abilities, Zlata concentrated on a career based on her body’s abilities.

The rubber girl herself will soon perform at the International Contortion Convention in Germany. Yulia has already beaten most of the competition.

Zlata has this to say about her abilities, “I do these poses that are completely natural to me. However, sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable if I have to stand in a particular pose too long during a photo session. But I think that anybody not sitting comfortably would become uncomfortable if they weren’t allowed to move.”

Comments from Wisaev’s LiveJournal:


Let’s just say, great girl.

zeka_vasch: (responding to above)

Well, she’s pretty far away from you


Scary to look at her


It’s like she’s made out of plasticine! She’s pretty too


I was just staring and then the post finished. That’s flexibility for you.


She’s some kind of snake))


Slim and pretty


It’s a bit scary looking at all that))


She got what she wanted. She did the right thing, stuck to her guns from age 4.


Good work, doing exercise like that at age 27.


I’d like to meet her personally


Wow. No way.


She’s got a pretty face too:)




Ace! She can lick your balls while you fuck her!)))


Pretty, flexible, sportswoman… you could get jealous of her husband…)))

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  • asian don draper


  • lonetrey / Dan

    She is so cute! ^.^

    I don’t generally look at white girls, but Zlata is definitely pretty enough to turn heads

  • Kirill Kiro

    Just another high-class prostitute

  • UserID01

    I think her flexibility is awesome. She has REALLY long legs, and that just makes things a tiny bit creepy looking for me. Kind of spider-like. But she’s a very pretty woman, and her flexibility is amazing. She’d make an awesome superhero or stealth agent.