Russians Spend Enough To Buy House in Drinking Game


Two Russians drink away £130,000 in a London club

Two “Russian millionaires” wasted £130,000 in the Kitsch London club after an argument over who would have the bigger bill, according to the Daily Mail. The venue’s owner refused to name his affluent guests.

According to the club’s owner, the men spent about three hours in the club, constantly ordering huge quantities of expensive alcoholic drinks. When one of them took a few bottles, his rival would order even more. On the bills, in part, there were 84 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne, each worth £325.

Witnesses said that many other customers helped the arguing pair to deal with the drinks that had been ordered. Nevertheless, when the venue closed, there were still many unopened bottles.

At the end of the evening, the winner had spent £66,779, and the loser £64,279. According to eyewitnesses, the winner started jumping and “enthusiastically waving the bill in the air” when he found out the result. What exactly the argument was about is unclear.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the owners of the Kitsch London club is Estonian immigrant Serge Ibo, one of the participants in the show “Meet the Russians”, which shows the lives of the rich immigrants from Russia and the former USSR in the most prestigious areas of London.

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Unlock Mobile:

One word: freaks!

Бегун Поспелов: (responding to above)

Russian means sober!

Denis Antonov:

They were showing the bourgeois how to live well in a country where they’re not fighting with theft and corruption, but homosexuality and freedom of information.

Злой Доктор: (responding to above)

In England?o_O


This news is clearly a promo for the show :)

Марципановый-Поросёнок Анжелкин:

It was Klichko and Povetkin

Serg Gor: (responding to above)

Did Klichko win?

Бегун Поспелов: (responding to above)

No way, it was Povetkin’s revenge!

Анна С:

What, did they fill up a swimming pool with expensive wine, how can you drink more than a hundred bottles in three hours?:)

Дмитрий Егоров: (responding to above)

They gave some to all of the customers, the staff, and passers-by

Koshko Pionerko:

Nice work lads!!! They showed the mouldy brits who’s the man of the house!!!

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