Sasha Grey’s Broken Russian Tweet Gets over 5,000 Retweets


Sasha Grey has gathered thousands of retweets of a question about citizenship in broken Russian

A post on twitter by the former American pornstar turned actress, model, and singer, Sasha Grey, has been retweeted more than 5,000 times in less than a day by Russian-speaking users.

The tweet reads as follows: “Lapya tstsvo you want my citizenship”. What the porn industry celebrity wanted to say by this is difficult to work, but it caused a storm on the runet, even though she doesn’t speak Russian. Soon, a user was created with the name “Lapya tstsvo”, responding positively to Grey.

A user going by the name 4_e_1_0_v_e_k described the hype thus: “Lapya tstsvo … Sasha Grey has given head to Russian-speaking twitterers with her tweet”

Comments from


We’re not interested in porn, not in its stars, and even less so in the industry. We prefer things that are more simple and basic.

1000-pochemu: (responding to above)

Impotence is not a defect, it can be treated.

pol-black: (also responding to previous commenter)

Try the blue pills. I’ve heard they can help.

Наивная идеалистка:

“Lapya tstsvo” = “Why”.
“Why do you want me to be a Russian citizen?”
Look at you guys …


When you think about how many body parts she’s had in her holes when she’s not even that pretty, the desire to procreate with her fades away.

StudioMaster: (responding to above)

So she’s already asked you to “procreate with her”?


Why are you interested?


I’m just curious.

Товарищ (hz700):

Blin, how is this news? Why have Ridus published it? But Sasha’s pretty, I wouldn’t mind if she gave me a “lapya tstsvo” …


Why has she become a cult star? She’s just a common whore.

Gothren_T: (responding to above)

You don’t know enough about her if you think she’s not known for anything except pron. Google can help you.


I googled her. Sasha Grey is a bastion of civilisation.

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