Snowden Reappears on the World Stage at Meeting with Activists


The Return of Snowden. Report from Sheremetyevo

And so, Snowden lives.

Recently serious doubts were arising about if this man is actually around, and today they were dispelled. Interfax’s message about the ex-CIA agent’s call to human right activists to meet instantly flew around the world. Crowds of journalists came straight from lunch to duty at terminal F in expectation of the sensation.

It’s remarkable that in many messages and telephone conversations representatives of human rights organizations have been refusing to confirm information about the meeting.  Others have completely hurried to say that they aren’t planning any measures of the sort.  Nevertheless, at four o’clock, at Sheremetyevo human rights activists began to move up past the journalists. TV anchors latched on to them right away.

In the words of the human rights activists who met with him, he had already signed the necessary request.  Where it is, to whom he gave it, and what it looks like – no one knows except the author himself.

Human rights advocates and lawyers are ready to provide any necessary help and legal services to him. Edward “Microphonehands”, it appears, did not refuse them.  But today another question already worries human rights activists. If even a little bit ago they were foaming at the mouth to prove that Snowden is now a friend and it’s necessary to save him, then apprehensions now sound from their lips, but not whether Vladimir Putin will lay relations with the US relations by giving shelter to the former spy.

What’s surprising is that the ruined relations of the US with Europe, China, and Russia doesn’t bother truthlovers. Actually, you’ll think, it’s nothing unusual. So, the Americans eavesdropped, read something from a correspondence, and made their conclusions. But what did you want?  That’s working with special services.

And now to give shelter to a political refugee, which is exactly as Snowden now positions himself, is to right away put a cross on a two-sided dialogue. However, if Edward Snowden’s disclosures are attentively studied, it will appear that he played a role of not an informational, but a media explosion.

Everything that he said, interested people knew even before his revelation. Remember the posters “Don’t chatter!” [Note: famous posters from the Soviet Union encouraging people not to speak openly]? They were pretty much about the same thing. Another thing is that his statements were quickly spread and popularized among people who are not too interested in spy games. Thanks to this everybody heard: big brother is watching you. Everyone will have their own conclusions…

Comments from

Petr Obama:

By order of Futin Kucherena’s become a red-skinned Indian [Note: Kucherena is Snowden’s lawyer].

pavel-6926: (responding to above)

From the rights of an opposer: 6. If you’re already sufficiently enlightened and intellectually developed, use such turns of phrase as Puck Futin (you’ll get the reputation of an swift and witty oppositionist).

Berodakh Baladan syn Baladana: (responding to above)

Why do they want to feed and hide Comrade Snowden? Greece didn’t want to, he still hasn’t been to Venezuela, they avoided him in Ecuador. Maybe Comrade Zyuganov [Note: First Secretary of the Communist Party] will want to feed and hide the imperialist spy?

mlechin: (responding to above)

Putin‘s fallen. If old Botox gives him up to the Yanks, Botox‘s rating will hit the bottom of the barrel. Now 20 percent, it’ll be 0.

Berodakh Baladan syn Baladana: (responding to above)

Hail Comrade Putin! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!


Poor journalists.


Everyone’s a fighter for the rights of a non-Russian person again.  Everyone’s assumed they’re important…


We need to leave Snowden in Russia and tease the Yanks, even more so they’ve started to stir up again with their little list over there

starij.hohol.2: (responding to above)

Puten‘s [sic] an agent of the Yanks. As your head won’t understand it at all. After military service, in my time they’d accept you into any university without contest. Now we’re seeing the results.

belyavyi: (responding to above)

Leave your fantasies at home


Yeah, this passage… If he isn’t lying, then he can listen in and intercept the mail of ANY person. A valuable shot, Vova will be glad.


Taking in a sought international criminal is an important step that’s full of consequences, but you won’t just do it to get at the Magnitsky List… They have their own criminals, we have ours… they don’t let ours over, we meet and convince all of political high society and court jesters to stay, having collected them together. Special services give Snowden one shit, now the problem of our lot is to get the secrets we’re interested in out of him, and to decide what we don’t give a crap about.

belyaevyi: (responding to above)

First of all he’s not an international criminal, second of all they hid Chechens from us by the bundle, and that’s not speaking about Berezovsky and other swine


Snowden showed that the “democratic” facade of the US almost no longer hides its systematic gangsterism. Snowden’s revelations and the publications of Wikileaks expose a police state that services the war machine. What kind of criminal is he if even in his country many Americans and human rights activists support him. It means that if Navalny fights with our system, then he’s a fighter, but Snowden’s a criminal. All you protesters are “good” if it’s disgusting in your beloved country – America. But will the CIA really not catch him when truth lovers are running over to them? It is their job.


Apparently, Jason Bourne doesn’t give this client peace, he understands that like in the trilogy “special agents” are waiting for him in any corner of the planet, I’m not surprised if it becomes clear that at the meeting someone for the hunters was present or was located nearby, everything is being sold out


I knew that they’d let him stay in Russia. And then trade him for Bout. [Note: notorious arms smuggler]


I think Putin‘s going to fetch the stick and bring it back to his master – it’s that kind of game! If not, I’ll respect him for the first time!

Rufus55: (responding to above)

He’ll bring it back, without a doubt. There’s absolutely nothing to respect about him (Pukin [sic]). Snowden’s clearly not one of his – he’s a total outsider for him. He took him and forced him into staying in order to trade him for Bout. For an arms and drugs dealer.

Aleksandr Bekhtold:

How did Kucherena, Nikonov, and Putin‘s other obedient servants end up as civil rights defenders? Snowden didn’t even ask them to meet with him.

Rufus55: (responding to above)

Recount the list of those invited once you know what you’re on about. And where invitation tickets were spread.

timur samodur:

They didn’t even show the “culprit” himself.

Rufus55 (responding to above):

A snapshot battle if they had Snowden in sight.

Partynaya babushka:

They brought good measures! All the cream of the human rights movement gathered: Nikonov (Molotov), Kucherena, Rezni, Kostin, and Lukin. They didn’t call Brod for some reason, I remember how he beautifully went on a hunger strike on the chairs, almost just like Professor Hyder. [Note: All the names above are the names of well known human rights activists, except Hyder, a campaigner for nuclear disarmament, well known in Russia for his hunger strikes.] Comrades!  Maybe we can swap this Snowden for our native Viktor Bout who for nothing and about nothing rots in a damp dungeon across the ocean? Bout is our guy, and this is some kind of confused citizen. He lived for himself in Hawaii, played blackjack with his friends, had an income, and for some reason, suddenly, decided to take up downshifting. He’d be recruited, in quiet, and would continue to play blackjack with his friends, and would bring benefit to the whole world, regularly spilling terabytes of valuable information. I didn’t know that there at the CIA they gather such a poor-quality personal staff. Or maybe it’s the case that our workers did their jobs…

lex-pex: (responding to above)

Ours run in packs and turn each other over!


A video has appeared on YouTube

karrramazov: (responding to above)

It might just be a skillful ploy – organizing an official press conference and leaving the meeting without video – then it’s as if it didn’t happen… there, together with the video, is the full text – that’s why something like officially everything is taken at face value and nobody takes accountability, but it’s as if a press conference really did happen


I watched the meeting, a normal, ordered, educated, and brave man. And Putin won’t give him up – HE WON’T!!! like toads wouldn’t ribbit… :)


The next the the media sees Snowden will be only when Obama won’t be anybody anymore. :) I suggested this here on the day of his arrival :)


If Obama calls Putin at night regarding Snowden, then it means he’s at least worth Syria, politics is about supply, the value of the question, and some window-dressing for the people in the form of commitments and conditions. Regrettable but true. We’ll see…


What, are there IDIOTS who thought Snowden was dead?

It’s interesting what was done for this buffoonery. How do we have so many do-nothing “human rights activists” and even more so many do-nothing “journalists”, I’ll keep quiet about photographers. The fields are suffering without proper care, the cows aren’t milked, these here hands would really better better employed thus, instead of an empty chase through airports for an international goose. There are many comedies in the modern world, and this isn’t the best.


Instead of Snowden, let’s give the states “Giraffe Depardom“!


Dear radio listeners! :) if Obama and Putin reached a decision last night on Snowden, then let them say their intention on this theme. :)


And furthermore while Putin and Obama are at the wheel about Snowden on the classics of the genre, we shouldn’t know and forget anything because he’s just a hemorrhoid to Obama and Putin, to the former more so. :)


Putin will answer to question about Snowden – well, I don’t really know, something like the Federal Migration Service is dealing with him, pretty much it doesn’t concern me as the president. :)


Obama will answer the questions so – by our information Snowden is in Latin America and our special services are completely occupied with this question. :) and that’s it.


And generally everything is going according to plan, yesterday was a staged meeting, and for any movement in America, on paper, there’s yet another stage show, from which Obama’s personal rating will only drop. If he’s not a complete idiot. :)


Well, journalists are going to talk more today and tomorrow, and there will be quiet from Monday until Obama wants to catch the piggy. :)

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