Teacher Seals Kid’s Mouth Shut with Duct Tape

From Ridus.ru:

Kindergarten employee taped over child’s mouth with duct tape

A Kindergarten assistant in the district of Rudnyansky, in the Volgograd Oblast sealed a boy’s mouth shut with duct tape. Natalia Kunitskaya, senior assistant manager at the Investigative Committee for the Russian Federation, reports on this in Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

According to a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, this was discovered when the mother of the four-year-old came to collect her son and saw that his mouth had been taped shut.

As soon as the story broke, she was fired. There will now be an investigation, the results of which will determine whether she will be criminally charged, added Kunitskaya.

In mid-December, a criminal investigation was launched into bullying at a kindergarten in the Kaluga Oblast. “Kaluga Perekryostok” reports that children complained about a young teacher who, according to them, taped up their mouths, beat them on the head with spoons, and as punishment forced naughty children to take their clothes off in front of the other pupils. Prosecutors investigated and discovered that the children were telling the truth. The cruel employee was fired, and a criminal case was brought against her under the article “Failure to perform childcare duties” which carries a three year prison sentence.

Comments from Ridus.ru:


That’s it – America’s corrupting influence! She wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t known about the awful atrocities committed against children in that terrible country!

Товарищ О. Бендер:

This isn’t make-believe… it’s already happening…


When we were in kindergarten the assistant used to prick us with needles so we were silent during ‘quiet time’


“MaximumMorality” (TM) in all its glory

cosmo: (responding to above)

And morality because? Are you trying to tell us that if she had been a lesbian she wouldn’t have taped his mouth shut?) Nosy parker

‘VikCom’: (responding to above)

It is not about “morality” or even “lesbianism” it is much more basic: no desire to work with children.
Everyone to work.
She was forced to do this and she just snapped.


I wonder what education she has… As far as I know, they hire anyone, not necessarily teachers. A nursery nurse and a nursery nurse’s assistant are different positions.

cosmo: (responding to above)

An assistant educator is a nanny. They get paid something like the minimum wage. They’re only either antisocial types or mentally disabled. To this day I can still remember my nanny – she didn’t let the children go to the loo – sort of, it’s better in your pants than where I’ve just cleaned!

asinch: (responding to above)

Education doesn’t come into it. My grandma had zero education. Practically iliterite.

[Note: the commenter spells ‘illiterate’ incorrectly]

izyra: (responding to above)

… and she’s sat at home not working.


I remember well how the nanny at nursery thrust some naughty guy’s head under a stream of cold water in a room full with enamel pots. It was the poor old Soviet times.

Костя Бодня:

My dad’s teacher in kindergarten tore his ear. She decided to teach him a lesson, grabbed him by the ear and dragged him away. His ear was quite badly torn :)

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