Teenagers Arrested for Selling Dried Herbs


From Ridus.ru:

Dealers who sold dried herbs instead of marijuana arrested in Moscow

Five teenagers from Yaroslavl decided to play at being drug dealers and sell dried herbs as marijuana. Their buyers turned to be the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in Moscow, according to “BaltInfo”.

The police met with the kids on Saturday at noon in Garibaldi street in the courtyard of one of the houses. The guys offered the undercover buyers “herbs” at a price of 600,000 roubles per kilo [£12,800, 14,700€]. The police paid for the goods and immediately showed their identification. Then, the guys got scared and legged it.

The unfit policemen found it difficult to catch up with the young guys so one of them, a 32-year-old major in the police force decided to Catch up young guys subservient to staff have been difficult, therefore, one of them, the 32-year-old mayor police, decided to draw his weapon: He shot into the air, scaring the young boys.

Afterwards, they were able to arrest the teenagers. Two of them were schoolchildren aged 14 and 15. The three others were students at vocational middle schools in Yaroslavl.

After investigation, experts confirmed that the teenagers were selling dried herbs and pretending it was marijuana. As it is not a drug, a criminal case has been opened against the Yaroslavl residents under the article of “Fraud on a large scale”. Two of those arrested by the insulted detectives are still in custody, while the others have been released on bail.

Comments from Ridus.ru:

Avis Rara:

Gosnarcocontroll don’t tolerate competition or counterfeiting.


State Dumba crap.


Nice work! Yaroslavl lads!


Protecting drug dealers is in the police’s reliable hands.


“unfit policemen”))) ahahahaha


600,000 per kilo? Why so expensive?

Дед Егор: (responding to above)

Why, how much is it where you are? )

Alex Alex:

How can they be going on about fraud – they should be giving these guys medals )))


Wow. Drug control in Putin’s Russia If you sell fakes instead of hash, you get sent to jail! On the other hand, they’re cleaning the internet of “drugs propaganda”.


Were they selling dried dill?

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  • elizabeth

    Fooling others and being fooled at the same time. This is serious yet, I must admit, very comical.