Top Ukrainian Confectioner Quits After Failing Safety Tests


General Director of the Producer of the Candy Banned by [Surgeon General] Onishchenko Stepped Down

General director of the Kiev confectionary factory Roshen Evgeny Poltavtsev stepped down by his own wishes. UNIAN reports on this.

The company’s board of directors have appointed the factory’s chief engineer Alexander Melanich to the position of head of the company for a term of five years. Poltavtsev had occupied the post of general director since October of last year.

The change of the Kiev factory’s general director took place against the background of the scandal with the ban of the factory’s products in Russia. The Russian Consumer Control through the results of its own test declared 90 percent of samples of the Ukrainian candy poor quality. The department noted that the production markings do not correspond to its real contents. However, Ukrainian authorities pointed out that an incorrect marking cannot serve as the basis for the ban of a product’s import.

The Russian Consumer Control banned the import of the Ukrainian company’s confectionary to Russian territories on July 29. The department initially stated that Roshen’s candy contains an elevated amount of the carcinogenic substance benzopyrene.

After the decision by the Russian department, the governments of Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus also began tests of Roshen’s products. All four countries announced that they didn’t find harmful substances in the Ukrainian candy. Kiev also announced earlier that the factory’s confectionary was confirmed through independent laboratory test results as meeting quality standards.

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[The Surgeon General] Onishchenko is a friend of Alyonka. [Note: Alyonka is a brand of Russian candy]

Natalya Kaizer:

Did Onishchenko troll him?

Vio Vale:

Roshen isn’t tasty. There’s hardly any poison. It just isn’t tasty.

Denis Petrov: (responding to above)

It’s tasty… drunken cherry’s my favorite candy

Max: (responding to above)

Tasty isn’t everything yet, it should still be safe and correspond to its declared characteristics. MSG’s also tasty.

Slava Spichkin: (responding to above)

A tastie pickle for vodka, right?

Alex Alex: (responding to above)

At our store there’s a whole stand of chocolate and candy. Nobody takes it. It’s really not tasty.

Alexandr Byelyakov:

Here in Vinnytsia, Roshen’s management don’t give their candy and other products to their own children. Draw your own conclusions. If “it’s not politics”, then well done Mr. Onishchenko. Carry on. It comes to mind – Ukraine is one of the biggest importers of coconut butter (carcinogen) – where’s that going? Into confectionary. Into ice cream for our children. Their children are behind the cordon. The bloodsuckers are robbing us…

viktor diryugin: (responding to above)

I consider the importation of Roshen’s products to Russia’s market a political requirement from the West as a condition for the integration of Ukraine into the EU. Under the instructions of the US!

hmelya: (responding to above)

They don’t give it [to their kids] because they understand perfectly how harmful sweets are. Roshen is decent candy, especially Kiev cake!

Sergei Sergei:

It’s fine candy and chocolate, moreover at a low enough price. I was thrilled by their “Crazy Bee”. And there’s no need at all to worry due to someone farting in a puddle over there, there are probably other reasons.

Dmitry Polyansky: (responding to above)

Thrilled by their Crazy Bee? In such events people usually say – haven’t you ever eaten anything sweeter than a carrot?

Slava Spichkin:

Onishenko doesn’t see the other problems in the country aside from poor quality candy, it’s disgraceful…

Max: (responding to above)

Like what for example? Product quality tests are one of his direct responsibilities

Oleg Ryabov: (responding to above)

Did you turn on your computer without permission again? Watch out, Dad will catch you.

viktor diryugin:

They made the best candy in the USSR. Now they’re making it in Belarus, the Komunarka factory. The bourgeois have already been cramming their trash into Roshen for a long time in order to poison us

Lukash Bulbovich:

Let’s compare it with Alyonka)))

Alex Alex (responding to above):

Yeah well fuck. Roshen’s shit !

Alex Rogov (responding to above):

It depends on what you compare it with… Against the background of our Rassian shit Roshen’s just superb. Against what background Roshen is considered shit, it’s not even for you scum to know – and they’re not in our supermegashitmarkets. To Roshen – keep it up. To Onishchenko – eat Alyonka all your life.

bypassed bypassed: (responding to above)

The real Rossein shit is you with your red herrings. Roshen’s just another one of the heaps of what’s sold in supermarkets. Five or however many kinds among hundreds of others.

Leonid Kotin:

+++After the decision by the Russian department, the governments of Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus also began tests of Roshen’s products. All four countries announced that they didn’t find harmful substances in the Ukrainian candy.+++
And what’ll they announce next?


Onishchenko eats people for breakfast. He just scoffed one more. Nothing personal – just business.


I hope that this roshen won’t be exported to Russia anymore…..


Well as he stepped down means it’s either a coincidence or there really was something wrong with the candy

Lukash Bulbovich:

The guy in the pic is a simpleton)))

Igor Basargin:

The face of the company for the production of settling candy

Vasily Vasiliev:

is that the company’s advertising photo?

Yuri Guryanov:

Who is that in the photo: the old one or the new one?


What a face, just like the chocolate….. so this Roshen is so lousy.

Vadim Unknown:

Maybe it’s not the wrong markings, but the wrong Onishenko )))

Lukash Bulbovich: (responding to above)

The Ukrainian salo eaters are wrong….

Andrey Stepasyuk: (responding to above)


Artyom Klyuenkov:

They’re just spanking his butt and boxing his ears.

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