Woman Gets Stuck in Stairwell Railings After Sex

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Lady from Lipetsk got stuck in the railings in her stairwell during sex

Photo for illustration only

In Lipetsk, rescuers helped a naked woman whose head was stuck in the balustrades in the stairwell of her block of flats. The incident took place at night on Wednesday 17th July, Gorod48.ru reports. Who exactly reported the incident at number 6 Tsiolkovskogo street is not specified.

When the rescuers and representatives from law enforcement arrived at the call-out, they discovered that a 46-year-old woman had got stuck in the balustrades during sex with her lover.

The couple went out into the stairwell to try and bring a bit of variety into their intimate life. Local media are reporting that the reason the woman got stuck in the rails was her partner. It is not reported where he was when the rescuers and police arrived.

“In all my time working as a rescuer, I can’t remember a similar situation”, ProNews48.ru quote a specialist managing civil defence and emergencies in Lipetsk, Alexei Dotsenko.

The condition of the rescued woman is not being reported.

Comments from Lenta.ru

Сергей Николаев:

Why is there no photo?

Комментатор I разряда: (responding to above)

They don’t want to traumatise their readers. A 46-year-old woman rarely looks aesthetically pleasing naked.

Евгения Алтунина: (responding to above)

And yet, curiosity is eating me up )

Комментатор I разряда:

Her partner finished, had a smoke, and went to bed.

Весёлый Яишник ™:


Вася Ветров: (responding to above)

No, she just wanted “more”

Lemmy Lemmy: (also responding to previous commenter)

Well, your god’s a joker at any rate

Roman Balagula:

Getting stuck was the reason for the sex, not the consequence, as the article says.

Вася Ветров:

Once again, the cops are covering up a rape. Now it’s called “extreme sex”.


I think perhaps they’re not telling us something, or her partner didn’t care about this woman, he didn’t even dress her in something – even though her head was stuck, he could have put some clothes on her so she wouldn’t be so shamefully exposed.

Black Widow: (responding to above)

A woman being exposed is not shameful, it’s beautiful!

Петр Айвенов:

All men are silently jealous :))

Константин Напольских:

Did she at least finish during sex?

Адам Козлевский:

They could have just covered her head in vaseline and pulled it out themselves. Or did it get bigger because of the sex?

Марципановый-Поросёнок Анжелкин:

This news would be cool if it was a gay instead of a woman

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