Woman Survives “Kiss” from an Elk after Car Crash

From Lenta.ru:

Elk “kisses” girl after traffic accident in Urals

In the Urals, after a small traffic accident, an elk that was involved “kissed” the female driver. This was reported in a press release by “Alpha-Strakhovaniye” insurance company that made it to the Lenta.ru editors on Thursday 19 December.

The incident with the elk took place on the Miass-Uchaly motorway. A girl (whose name was not reported) was driving a Honda, clipped the hooved creature which had run out into the road.

When the car owner got out to investigate the Honda, the elf was still on the road, and was in no hurry to run away. Instead of fleeing the scene of the incident and hiding in the woods, he came up to the girl, and as she told the insurance company assessor, sniffed her and kissed her (bumping his muzzle into her). Only after this did the hooved creature head into the forest.

Elk quite often run into the road and cause traffic incidents.

Comments from Lenta.ru:

Сырно Бака:

How damn lucky is she?

Сырно Бака: (responding to himself)

Like, he could have gone further)

Serg Gor: (responding to above)

Have you had an intimate chat with an elk?

Овощ Бабруйский: (responding to above)

All jokes aside, hunters have a saying: “if you come across a bear, make your bed, if you come across an elk, start digging a grave!” So this girl really has two birthdays, no jokes!

Alexey Melkozerov: (responding to above)

Better not to go up to a bear, it’s very dangerous! But poor elk, you can beat to your hearts content. I know what I’m talking about. I killed these and others. I was young an stupid.

Андрей Никитчук: (responding to above)

More than likely this isn’t true. It’s not that dangerous to go up to a bear if you think about it, but why would you?

Человек Николай: (responding to above)

Yeah, I heard that too. People say that elk are dangerous.

Vladimir Davydov:

I wonder how many bricks she shat when he came up and sniffed her, etc.

Злой Доктор:

Even elk don’t touch blonde girls

Светлана Майджос:

Obviously she made a mistake… getting out when there was an elk around???

Олег Болховский:

Humans can be beastly, and beasts can be humane, but there are no articles about that. The elk was lucky.

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