15 Year Old Survives Electric Shock When Trainsurfing

From YouTube:

15 year old survives strong shock after riding on a train roof

Comments from YouTube:

Максим Близнов:

Fuck how is he not dead?


Darwin Award :D these sorts of people normally die out by the time they’re 20 and don’t reproduce. No need to worry about the gene pool :D


Fair play to this guy, cool. You guys are just sitting at home.

SaltoAngel78: (responding to above)

When you, a minor, grow up, and your son dies an idiot in a game like this, well then you can say “cool”)))

TpuCocucku: (responding to above)

Said the 35-year-old fuckhead. Your opinion is very important to me.


Yeah, but will he live to see his own children? If he carries on like this, he should buy a grave plot in advance )))


This idiot’s 15? Fantastic! Let’s press charges immediately, in fact, let’s press several charges, like criminal damage, hooliganism, and so on.


The parents will pay, but better for this idiot to be sent to a prison camp :)

Василий Абрашов:

Stupid fuckers, life doesn’t teach them anything. We’ve seen several videos like this before. Well, he climbed up, rode on the roof, well, fucking idiot, yeah, but why touch the pantograph? I hope that at least it teaches him something because he won’t be lucky again.


So natural selection’s doing its work. Unfortunately, you can’t fix idiots like this :(


Bit of an idiot.

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