Bomb Blast in Volgograd Caught on Dashcam

From YouTube:

Bus explosion in Volgograd (dash cam footage)

Terror act in Volgograd … The remains of the female suicide bomber were found on the bus that exploded today, 21 October, in Volgograd. As LiveNews report, citing law enforcement, the terrorist may have been the wife of the Makhachkala gang militant Dmitriy Sokolov.

Interior Ministry workers in the Volgograd Oblast have not yet released precise information on the number killed on the bus. It is currently impossible to enter the bus, the vehicle is being investigated by robots and bomb technicians. There is information that there is another explosive device on board.

As IA REGNUM reported earlier, the explosion occurred at around 14.05 Moscow time today, 21 October, in the south of Volgograd. According to the Investigative Committee’s information, five people were killed and approximately 30 injured.

Comments from YouTube:

Zorik Zorikov:

Strange the driver wasn’t swearing!! You could even think that he was ready for this!

Ванька Лазер: (responding to above)

He’s in shock… that’s why there’s no emotion

артур иванов:

Guys what are you talking about? Children died here!!! Children and old people… the bus had only made it 100 metres from the bus stop… it’s a big deal

hd97950: (responding to above)

It’s long overdue that we ban religion, 6 people have died for nothing, they would have lived happily but some monster killed them just like that.

simonsimon8542: (also responding to previous commenter)

So when peaceful people are killed in the Caucasus it’s no big deal?


Ban Islam to hell.

Temur Makhmudi:

It’s only penguins in the Arctic that aren’t getting blown up… :-(



Ванька Лазер:

She’s already in hell!!!


A holy war is coming


It’s a sad event, no more. Don’t give in to provocation.

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