Darth Vader Storms Ukrainian Justice Ministry

From Dumskaya.net:

Darth Vader and a squad of Stormtroopers captured the Justice Ministry

A squad of Stormtroopers led by Darth Vader captured the Ukrainian Justice Ministry building by force.

As it turned out, the “Star Wars” hero had decided to join the protest against the banning of the Internet Party of Ukraine. The aim of the attack was to “force Minister Lavrinovich to read documents confirm the party’s complete legal validity.”

“I, as a symbol of the invincibility and power of the Internet Party, have decided to personally intervene in the fate of the organisation I control. I’m not going to let any old “Rabinovich” carry out an attack on an opposition movement. I will ensure that every bureaucrat who directly or indirectly participated in this crime regrets is”, the first deputy head of the Internet Party of Ukraine said.

According to the Stormtroopers, the minister, fearing the event would develop into violence, blocked the entrance to his bunker and put out “his best bald robots, MU69-class, but the robots were attacked by soldiers of the Empire for disobeying Vader”.

“The elite department of the Interior Ministry arrived to help Lavrinovich, who engaged in battle with the Stormtroopers.” The shooting continues in Sofia Square. “According to some reports, 20 minutes ago, Lavrinovich left his bunker via an underground passage, and is hiding near Bank Street”, Vader explains.

Comments from Dumskaya.net:


uck [sic], what a clown … just some Chinese rip-off.
They think that dressing up in the costume is enough, but where’s his charisma, wheres the manifestation of the Force???
I can only hear the scared mewls of a castrated cat.

претор: (responding to above)

I don’t support clowning around, but in this case, there’s actually a practical point to it. If they’d turned up in normal clothes to the ministry demanding something, no-one would have paid any attention to them, and no-one would know anything about it, just like the other thousands who need something from the authorities. But this way, the video can instantly become a huge hit on the internet. And a huge hit is half the problem solved. So, in our absurd times, and in the face of our absurd regime, even the things that at first glance seem most absurd may be the right thing to do, tactically.

MerBrok: (responding to above)

I fully support them … Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Дислав Чернолев: (responding to above)

Sadly, this is how it is.


The great Obi Wan would break his heart if he saw this.


“force Minister Lavrinovich to read documents confirm the party’s complete legal validity.”
Nice one!

претор: (responding to above)

Their next trick should be to force the president and the MPs in Ukraine to read the constitution.

ценитель жизни:

Here we go – the long-awaited Kiev Harlem Shake


This is THE BOMB! I laughed so hard, thanks!!!
If only it were a bit more artistic …

Алексей Шевченко:

Nice one :)


Better to watch Vader than to see the pimples Femen have got ))

What do you think? A good way to make a protest?

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