Gopniks Attack Man on Bus for Asking them to Behave


Hooligans beat up young man on St Petersburg bus because he asked them to behave nicely. Video

On Saturday 16 November, at 16:45 on marshrutka K212 in St Petersburg on the Finland Station – Admiralty Shipyards route, a conflict broke out.

As the bus drove past Engineers’ castle along Sadovaya street, a few young people, passengers of the bus started to behave badly in front of others, including a young child. A young man travelling in the bus, Anton, asked the guys to stop their foul language and poor behaviour in front of children. They attacked him in response. The bus driver did not try to stop the conflict in any way, nor did he call the police. According to eyewitnesses, it was an immigrant behind the wheel. All he did was open the marshrutka door when the beaten Anton was invited to leave the bus by the gopniks.

Remarkably, the people who got off the bus with him left immediately, and Anton had to turn to passers-by for first aid. Considering how long it would take for an ambulance to arrive in the evening traffic, Anton and his girlfriend decided to walk to the nearest pharmacy, and decide what to do next there. The police did not come to scene.

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Two hands up for allowing people to own guns. If he’d shot a couple of gopniks in self-defence, nobody would consider it excessive force. First of all, there’d be fewer gopniks, and secondly, they’d start to think a bit harder before they played up, and so crime would decrease. […]

Семён-9380: (responding to above)

The first person to be shot wouldn’t be the gopnik


St Petersburg is the most cultured city in the country. And yet all the best people from SPB are coming to Moscow of their permanent residence.

viro4: (responding to above)

Well, I don’t know about the “best people”, what do you mean be that? I’m a SPBite of the 5th generation, I moved to Moscow with my family in 1998 […] Am I the best? No way :) It was for money. Just money.


Blin, there was a real gopnikzilla there, I thought they’d all died out. At least, I thought they didn’t wear hats like that any more )))


if people were to call out the police and make statements every time this happened, I think in something like five years, this sort of thing would become a rarity.

Павлик Морозов:

There’s scum enough everywhere, it’s pointless arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong here.


This gopnik’s asking for it. Get lost!


Here you go, Putin‘s electorate, gopniks and immigrants.


The sentence about an immigrant driving killed me. Is this a stigma or something? Have they actually checked the driver’s documents?


If you’re asking for a fight, then fight, don’t run away at the first chance. In for a penny, in for a pound.

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