Helicopter Crash in Olympic Town of Sochi

From Ya Plakal

Helicopter crash, Sochi

The man who shot the video, it would seem, is Orthodox – not a single swear word =) The pilots are alive, they climbed out of the cockpit themselves.

Comments from Ya Plakal


Thank the gods that everyone’s alive!


He chose the place well in advance, looks like he didn’t want to hit anybody


Mother of God!!!


Good that everyone’s still alive!


First time I’ve seen a video of an accident without any swearing


Are Orthodox believers forbidden from swearing?


Can someone explain what happened? The witness was shouting “Stall, stall”, he was probably talking about flow separation. But I can understand flow separation from a rotor. [Note: this commenter appears to have forgotten the word “not”]


Preparations for the Olympics are going well ))


There aren’t by any chance any specialists in fixing helicopters on Ya Plakal??? There’s a part-time job going.


Helicopters are one of the most dangerous means of flying… much more dangerous than a plane.


Yeah [the guy who shot the video’s] clearly not a Russian guy [because he doesn’t swear]…


Film soundtrack thanks to the “InfoFilm” cinema company by order of the Russian Orthodox Church.


Poor little birdy


The pilot’s a fucking dick. There’s a resort there, Shakye, and he started off by fucking flying over a swimming pool with a bunch of kids in, then landed, picked up a passenger, (probably someone’s birthday), took off and fucking crashed.

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