Man Settles the Score over Downloading Music and Films

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Comrade Krasnov – Message to rights holders

This video is trending in Russia in response to a controversial law soon to come into force which will curtail downloading music and films for free in Russia. In a country where people see intellectual property as something to be shared, the feeling of resentment over this law is very strong, and many are strongly against it.

Comments from YouTube


Standing ovation! Bravo, maestro!

Evgeny Ragozin:

Haha nice one!


Great parody!


This isn’t even a parody. He’s right!


Fantastic! )))


He is god!

саша дубин:

Golden words


Comrade Krasnov, sorry, I like your note very much. Show me what else you have in your album.


Fantastic poem!


Absolutely right!

Anastasya Reanimar:

Thank you for these wonderful, satirical 2 minutes – you got your point across, and your delivery is beautiful. This has lifted my mood before bed.

Артём Мелик-Шахназаров:

Dude, that’s not your money. That’s not money at all. It’s a ticket. A ticket from the Bank of Russia. The truth is, you can’t really get anywhere with that sort of ticket, however, if you have a ticket for 5000 roubles [£100, 115€], then you can get into many more places :)


The phrase “And even read out loud to children” really caught me. Thank you very much!


You’re great man, respect to you…

Ark Arkanium:

Well, I’m for this law. Fuck off bitches. Buy games on Steam and films on Blu-Ray


There’s only one truth here – if you want money forever, you’ve gotta work forever.

German Guld:

Absolute rubbish…


How could you??? To children??? Why did you read to children?!!!


At least somebody who’s intelligent has said something


This is the best thing I’ve seen in my life!

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