More Olympic Mishaps as Torch Explodes on Santa

From YouTube:

Olympic Flame in Vologda. Santa Claus with the torch

Comments from YouTube:

Ronin Ronin:

How shameful…

Алексей Николаев:

What next, will the medals fall apart? This is the third time the torch has exploded.


It’s blown up like this before

gurati88 1 hour ago

All that’s left is for it to actually fucking blow up now

Vitaliy Morales:

What an incredible fuck-up this “Olympics” is.


Smile and wave lads, smile and wave.


Santa Claus, Orthodoxy, heritage! Only Olympics 2014, only hardcore!

Алексей Каленчук:

And what will happen in 2014? Shameful…


What kind of people actually go to see this idiotism, and even wave little flags with Coca-Cola adverts on them?


The Olympic flame is priceless, for everything else, there’s Zippo


Now I understand people who still live with dreams of Stalin


Burn, burn it all!


Absolute disgrace…

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