Moscow Teenagers Hold Up and Vandalise a Suburban Train


Teenagers stop and repaint a train in the Moscow suburbs

Some hundreds of teenagers at the station Michurinets blocked the brake system of the train heading from the small town of Lesniy into Moscow, in order to spray paint its carriages, according to the TV channel “Moscow 24”. The incident occurred during the evening time, at which time there are few passengers travelling in this direction, and so no police were present.

The train was stopped in the station for about 20 minutes. During this time, while some of the teenagers pulled the emergency brakes, the rest covered the carriages in black and silver graffiti. The vandals then escaped in the direction of Novoperedelkino.

The police are now looking for the suspects, and a criminal case has been opened against them under the article of “vandalism”. The teenagers face fines for the crime and being forced to pay compensation for the cost of repainting the train.

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I wonder what these under-aged morons were trying to say with this? …

Арчибальд: (responding to above)

Probably that they completely support United Russia

Lexxsk: (also responding to previous commenter)

I’m not sure, I think something like “Adtm, tkumz gnews, gcio aifirt skr, tgk brm beif tacers!”, if I understand correctly.


It’s so dull… wouldn’t it have been better with brighter colours?

Владимир-3965: (responding to above)

Well, they used what they had with them … :)

Арчибальд: (responding to above)

It’s pretty ugly, there are gaps in their cultural education)


Messed up.


Children are people too. Stupid, useless, ridiculous people.


Nothing is as diverse as the dullness of Russian Railways.


It’s pretty hard to do! They needed to organise it, meet up, maybe even rehearse it too))) It’s pretty much a special mission!


These are just complete sheep, they talk about how bad the country is in their kitchens, how many migrant workers there are and so on, but in the evening, they go out into the streets and create new jobs for those very same migrant workers.

[Note: “in the kitchen” is seen as where most political and philosophical discussions take place in Russia]


I like it, it looks good!


Uncouth plebs.


Maybe it’s children from a nearby orphanage sending a message to the “scoundrels”?

[Note: the commenter is referring to the politicians, in particular those who passed the Dima Yakovlev Law.


If I were Russian Railways, I’d forget about the militsia and invite the kids to come and paint some other trains. Maybe in the depot, so that they didn’t have to stop this train.



What do you think? A paint job? Or just pure vandalism?

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