Netizen Uncovers Fraud at Petrol Station

From Ya Plakal:

Cheating at petrol stations

Comments from Ya Plakal:


So what? Have you discovered America or something … ?
Did you write a statement? Or did you stop at uploading a video on the internet?


Have a smoke and think a little.


Couldn’t you get to a normal petrol station?
That machine’s probably already about a thousand years old


Once, I ran out of petrol on a motorbike in the Yaroslavl Oblast, so I walked to the petrol station with a five litre container. I paid for 5 litres, took the nozzle and started to pump. The nozzle stopped, indicating that I’d pumped out 5 litres. I looked into the container, and there was probably about 3.7 litres …
I went to the counter, and asked “what the f*ck”? The cashier there told me that the pump hadn’t been working for a month and a half, and they’ve not been able to mend it. She asked me to write a statement so that she could reimburse me for my “loss”.
So I did. I wrote a statement. And I forgot all about it. A month and a half later, when I was already back in St. Petersburg, my grandmother called me and said that a letter had arrived. It said that I could go back to that same petrol station, and I could have a litre for free (the cashier had evaluated my “losses” at one litre, they’d put it on some sort of report etc.)


There’s just one price at all of our petrol stations, but it’s high ((


I had a similar situation at a Rosneft petrol station, where I filled my 60 litre tank with 64 litres of fuel.
Clearly it’s a brand that we can’t quite trust yet!


Where did you those prices for your petrol? In the Khanty, 92 octane costs 30 roubles 20 [£0.65, 0.75€].


This is considered theft, even in Russia, but when they’re pissing billions away, this is just a drop in the ocean.


It’s precisely because of this that it’s against the law to fill transparent containers with petrol.


I’ve poured it into transparent containers hundreds of times – no-one’s stopped me.

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