Olympic Torch Explodes in Young Girl’s Hands

From Echo Moskvy:

Olympic torch blows up in hands of 13-year-old girl

She received burns to the hands

Yet another event linked to the torch relay ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi nearly ended in tragedy. As Twer-Review reports, in Kostroma on 18 October, the torch unexpectedly exploded in the hands of a schoolgirl. A clip was posted to YouTube in which you can see how the flames start to uncontrollably spread over the whole torch and engulf the girl’s hand. As a result, the child needed medical assistance, but they came to the conclusion that the burns were not very serious, and helped her. The girl was still able to run her stage subsequently.

We recall that the torch is the public company “Krasnoyarskiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod” (Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Factory). According to Vedomosti, the company received around 207 million roubles for the order. [£4,025,000, 4,740,000€]. The engineers and employees have guaranteed repeatedly that Krasmasha’s products are extremely reliable. [Note: Krasmasha is an affectionate name for the company]

Previously, the Olympic flame went out repeatedly in the torches during the relay. The first time this happened was on the Moscow leg, at the Kremlin.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


I feel sorry for the poor girl and for everyone who is being made to cheer happily around the fire.


The Olympics have become bad for your health…

drugba90: (responding to above)

And how many have died preparing for these Olympics! And all of this just for a single vampire with a complex.

Emptyavatar3 urij: (responding to above)

Died? Time will tell, but the real question is how many honest workers have they swindled?


I feel sorry for the girl, what memories is she going to have of this???


That the government made terrorists out of all the torch bearers, running with bombs in their hands


It’s 100% certain the gas canister that sprang a leak. It’s the gas canister’s producer that needs to be called to account!


Irresponsible. On all levels.


Next time, water will come out of the torch…

Emptyavatar3 bindigo:

They’re all signs… some sort of bad omen…

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