Putin Catches Huge Pike on Siberian Fishing Trip

From YouTube

Vladimir Putin caught a 20kg pike while on holiday in Tuva

The Russian President Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev recently went on holiday together in the distant regions of Tuva, where they fished and swam. While fishing, Putin caught a 20kg pike.

Comments from YouTube


Nice one Vova

Сергей Волков:

Well, what can you say, VV is great. Pulling out a croc like that is difficult, even if it is in protect waters. So respect to the fisherman:)

Vladislav Tsutskov:

This would all be well and good, but when at least a quarter of the population are living in total poverty and lawlessness runs riot, no normal people can feel anything but disgust at showing such great holiday. And by the way, this is a wildlife reserve – you can’t catch fish in a reserve!


“Mr. Putin, it could bite you”
“I’ll bite it myself”.

Sergh B:

What’s the weight here for. A man could spend his whole life fishing and never catch something like this, and Putin catches one straight away. Utter nonsense.

AlexZaKaddafi: (responding to above)

That’s the wild countryside. There are loads of fish like that there.


Putin once again accomplished my dream – he caught a 20 kilo pike.


I caught a 1.5 kg pike. I could hardly pull it out.

Карен Устян:

Putin‘s a normal dude


Huge pike! There it is, the fish of my dreams!


Hmm, a diver pinned the fish on the hero of Russia’s hook!!!

Иван Пупкин:

Nice work by the diver – he didn’t even get caught when he was sticking the pike on the hook

Николай Манухов:

I don’t give a fuck

дмитрий сидякин:

Another victim of Putin‘s regime

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