Russia in the Eyes of Foreigners – A Compilation

From YouTube:

Russia through the eyes of the Americans, Funny clips from Russia on YouTube

A compilation of video clips chosen by Americans from Russian video sources. An overall view of what an American finds funny, cool, and interesting about Russia.

You’ve probably never thought about how our wonderful country looks to Americans, Brits, the Dutch, the French, the Danes, and all the other foreigners? What they think is funny, cool, and what they find interesting and unusual. Or maybe the yanks just like watching us. That’s a pretty complex question… particularly when you bear in mind that this video clip was put together by an American.

Comments from YouTube:

Janna Morozova:

This is how foreigners see Russia.

Andris Tercis:

Don’t bullshit people! The whirlpool is Latvian!

Иван Анциферов:

Where are the bears with balalaikas?

Almaz A:

I’d have shat myself at 9:55

Виталий Синицын:

Foreigners have their own way of looking at Russia)))


Yeah, I’ve got a little pocket bear who plays the balalaika and steals honey from bees… what have you got???

Олег Совриков:


Иванна Н:

Yeah. If someone doesn’t like it, then we’ve got to think about it. Because all of this is normal for us. Well, it’s not a shock, anyway. Grrr, idiots.


There were several videos from Ukraine.

vetermgla: (responding to above)

Doesn’t make a difference, we’re all RUSSIANS to them, just accept it.

Алекс Яков:

Clip for idiots.

Николай Кувалда:

Bullshit, where are the bears and balalaikas?!

Андрей Кривопалов:

Thanks, and it’s all true.

Serega Abramov:

So what? Are we supposed to be proud of this?

Dima Ostapenko:

This is why I’m ashamed of my country

What do you think? What impressions do you have of Russia?

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